About Us

About Us

Table Talk Tech was founded in 2010 in order to provide a new generation of Point of Sale systems for many types of businesses in the restaurant industry and in retail. We knew that wireless tablets were going to revolutionize the service industry, and we wanted to be at the forefront of that sweeping change by building cutting-edge iPad restaurant POS systems in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Now we are setting up POS systems all over Maryland and beyond, working with many types of restaurant businesses, as well as businesses in retail.

We realized early on just how significant the changes would be in service and business organization, and that’s why we were one of the first companies nationwide to become specialists in mobile point-of-sale solutions. Before the industry even had a name for this market segment (mPOS), we were experts selling to some of the first early adopters of the technology. The wireless mobile generation of POS systems has revolutionized customer relations in the service industry, helping businesses to be more responsive, efficient, organized, and present for their customers. We’re simply here to help businesses make the transition.

Our Professionals

When we set up iPad restaurant POS systems in Maryland and surrounding states, we make sure we are doing it right. Our team of foodservice professionals has extensive experience in the foodservice industry, with detailed knowledge of restaurant design, menu and recipe development, and food technology network construction. Our team also has direct experience with producing thousands of meals a day, so they understand the demands of restaurants both small and large. We use all of our foodservice knowledge in order to implement our POS software and hardware with the greatest possible effectiveness in the restaurant setting.

Our Solutions

Our cloud-based restaurant POS and retail POS systems are run with Lavu iPad POS software, one of the leading POS platforms available on the market today. We think so highly of Lavu’s software, we were one of the first companies to become Lavu Certified Specialists in order to master the ins and outs of the software and maximize the benefits of the platform for our clients. All of our systems make use of this powerful platform.

With Lavu’s system, your staff can easily read specials, take orders, and check out customers right from a mobile device or fixed terminal. Bartenders and chefs can receive orders in another location as soon as they are put in, so wait staff can move from table to table and attend to customers. In retail, sales staff can do the same thing and check out their customers right from the sales floor, emailing their receipts.

What about the hardware? Our cloud based restaurant POS and retail POS systems make use of the latest iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone mobile technologies. We only work with cutting edge hardware that features powerful functionality and an intuitive interface, so you can navigate your POS system with ease.

Get Started Now

If you are looking to upgrade your iPad restaurant POS system in Maryland, Virginia, or DC, Table Talk Tech has the solution for you. All of our applications are custom-tailored to fit the unique needs of each individual business. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call today.