Apple Pay – Other NFC Technology

For restaurant and retail businesses looking to get on board with the next generation of merchant services, Table Talk Tech provides cutting edge technologies such as Apple Pay POS in Maryland, DC and northern Virginia. Apple Pay and other NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies are relatively new and exciting payment options that allow customers to swipe a virtual card and make their payment right on their smartphone without having to fumble for their wallet.Apple Pay

Apple Pay and NFC

NFC technology allows two devices to establish a radio connection and exchange information. If a customer has an NFC-based payment system on their smartphone, such as Apple Pay, PayPal Mobile, Google Wallet, or Samsung Pay, their card information can be transferred from the smartphone to your POS system with a simple touch. Customers may keep their entire collection of credit and debit cards within their virtual wallet – so long as the cards are supported – allowing them to pay securely from a single swipe on their phone without having to dig for their cards.

Many different types of restaurant and retail businesses can benefit from setting up NFC technologies. We have served posh bars, cafes and fine dining establishments looking to establish themselves as payment technology leaders in their fields. We have also worked with pizza joints, quick serve restaurants, juice bars, food trucks, and many others. Many types of businesses have benefited from our POS systems, and if you are looking to take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by next-generation cloud-based services, our POS system is the best way to do it.

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Upgrading your POS to accommodate Apple Pay is a great way to improve the customer service experience. Smartphones are so widely used for so many different types of applications today, upgrading your POS system is a no-brainer. An NFC-based payment system will speed up your payment system and allow customers to check-out with greater speed and added convenience, shortening wait times and generally improving the payment experience. Increase your customer loyalty and return visits, which will in turn drive your revenue growth.

Table Talk Tech can help you make the upgrade to Apple Pay. We supply cutting-edge, mobile cloud-based POS systems that provide a wealth of improvements to your payment and administrative functions. We offer convenient install services as well as training and effective implementation, so you can get the most out of your investment. If you have any questions, or you’re ready to get started with Apple Pay POS in Maryland, give us a call today at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation.