How Do POS Systems Work?

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Modern POS systems are incredibly powerful business solutions that provide essential features and functions for restaurant and retail businesses. Today’s POS systems are easily scalable to work for businesses both large and small, and feature flexible feature-sets that can be tailored to meet the needs of many types of businesses. How do POS systems work exactly? We’ll go over the types of hardware, software, and features that you can expect in a modern POS system. This overview should provide a better idea of how POS systems work, as well as what they can do for your business.

The Hardware

The next generation POS systems that we work with are mobile and cloud-based. The POS software is run on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones, which provide intuitive touch-screen interfaces and wireless connectivity. These devices can be mounted and used as terminals, and also carried around the restaurant or retail space. How do POS systems work to facilitate restaurant and retail operations, exactly? These devices allow staff members to facilitate transactions, track sales, manage inventory, take orders, take down customer information, and conduct many other essential operations.

These mobile POS devices can be connected to integrated credit card readers, cash drawers, printers, kitchen display systems, and other components, all over a central wireless network. POS systems like these can even be connected to local networks in order to provide an additional layer of security. All of the data goes through a central server on the cloud, which allows business owners to access essential information and features from anywhere with an Internet connection.

How do POS systems work for all of the various businesses that require additional equipment like barcode scanners, non-integrated card readers, and other implements? Fortunately, modern POS systems are fairly flexible and allow integration of many additional pieces of hardware and third party apps.

The Software

Now that you probably have a decent understanding of what kind of hardware you can expect to find as part of a modern POS system, how do POS systems work on the software level? The Lavu point of sale software that runs on our POS systems is an incredibly powerful platform that contains all of the features required for both front of house and back end operations for restaurant and retail businesses.

Lavu’s software runs on iPads, iPods, and iPhones to provide restaurant and retail businesses with incredibly intuitive and robust POS interfaces that handle both customer service and business administration with ease. The software is accessible from any compatible mobile device, and everything is synced up over the network on a centralized cloud server.

Of course, not every business is the same, and different businesses require different features. Fortunately, POS software packages tend to be very flexible, and you can pay for the software tier that best represents the functionality you need for your particular business. Lavu, for one, provides an 88 plan, a Silver plan, a Gold, plan, and a Platinum plan, all of which provide different sets of features depending on what you are looking for.

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The Features

It helps to understand the hardware and the software behind mobile POS systems, but this hasn’t answered the question: how do POS systems work on a daily basis for the average business? This is where it is useful to understand the most important advantage of a modern POS system: its many features and functions.

When it comes to customer interactions, mobile POS systems can handle everything. They make data entry a breeze with detailed customer accounts that can be tied to specific sales, clearances, customer loyalty programs, and more. This allows for expedient customer marketing, as customer information is easy to track and can be combined with customer-specific sales and promotions. They can also store menu information and take orders, which can be relayed back to bartenders and chefs in seconds. POS systems accept integrated payment processing units, card readers that accept transactions over the Internet through secure payment gateways, which provides for all of your customers’ payment needs.

How do POS systems work on the back end? In terms of staff management, inventory management, and reporting, POS systems shine in this regard as well. Employee time-clocks and payroll data can be handled with numerous functions, and mobile POS systems keep constant track of inventories, so you can always know where you stand in real time. POS systems also keep track of sales, and are fully capable of generating comprehensive reports, saving you time and energy.

In the kitchen, POS systems can connect with sophisticated display systems that help kitchen staff manage and track orders. Order tickets are color-coded for urgency and progress, and notifications are available for late orders. With features like these, the kitchen is always in communication with wait staff, and vice versa, providing better service with fewer mistakes and delays.

Finally, how do POS systems work with features and functions specific to unique businesses or situation? Fortunately, modern POS systems can be integrated with just about any additional app you can think of, and are easily adaptable to non-conventional methods of operation.

Get Started Today

Believe it or not, this article is only scratching the surface of what you can do with a next generation mobile POS system. You’ve wondered: how do POS systems work? We’ve answered your question, but now there is the matter of what a POS system can do for your own unique business needs. If you’re ready to learn more about what a cloud-based POS system can do for your own business, call us at 240-489-2955 to schedule a free evaluation and we’ll determine the optimal POS setup for you. Give us a call today and get started!

How to Increase Restaurant Sales

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The modern foodservice industry landscape is a challenging field to do business in. Businesses large and small occupy just about every service niche on the market there is, and there is fierce competition amongst restaurant businesses throughout the industry to stay in business. It is difficult enough to run a successful restaurant, let alone in today’s marketplace. Of course, it can be done if it is done right. Here are several tips on how to increase restaurant sales and grow as a restaurant business.

Utilize the Upsell

Every successful restaurant business owner will tell you that you need to train your wait staff right away to upsell whenever the opportunity arises. Even small upsells can make a huge difference in revenue by the end of each day, and it provides a richer dining experience for your existing customer base. If your servers are talented, you can gain more revenue out of each customer while making for an enjoyable meal. You should be using your best servers strategically, while encouraging others to catch up.

You can increase restaurant sales this way by appealing to your customers’ preferences. It is a good idea to hold the water and only bring it out if someone asks for it. Encourage refreshing drinks and cocktails from the bar, and wine pairings are always a must. Always ask whether customers would to start with appetizers, and what types of sides are going to go well with the food. Finally, make sure to ask customers whether they want dessert and after-dinner items like tea and coffee.

Optimize Your Service

Another way to increase restaurant sales is to focus on the quality of your service experience, as it is a huge part of what makes a dining experience memorable. Good service works in tandem with delicious food as well as excellent value and atmosphere. This combination keeps your existing customers coming back, and it helps you take on new customers through word of mouth and positive reviews.

Encourage your staff to put a face on customer service. The more personalized and intimate the service is, the better. Try to retain staff with distinct personalities, and decide on what kind of service you want to represent your brand. Service with character will make you stand out among all of the other restaurants out there.

It helps to have staff meetings so you can get everyone on the same page about what type of service you’re looking to provide your customers, and get everyone on board with strategies to increase restaurant sales. Make sure you have methods in place for synchronizing your staff’s efforts so you can avoid mistakes and miscommunication.

Market Yourself

Other than offering exceptional service, there are so many effective ways to market yourself to get more exposure on the marketplace and attract new customers, especially in the age of the internet. This means providing for online ordering and mobile support to appeal to a wider customer base, engaging in social media, and establishing a presence with online searches using directories and a quality website. There is no need to cede the online realm to competitors.

In terms of your restaurant, the first step is putting together a quality menu that is written well and has offerings that your customers love. It can help to get a professional to contribute to your menu design.

outdoor restaurant menu displayYour pricing and selection can go a long way to increase restaurant sales. It helps to have some higher-priced premium items on the menu in case the customer wants them, which will increase revenue. It also helps to have plenty of mid and lower-range options that you can sell in high quantities to keep revenue flowing. Structuring your menu so that there is something for everyone is certainly an ongoing process, but well worth the work.

Loyalty and rewards programs are also useful to have to keep your first-timers coming back. Provide plenty of incentives for repeat purchases, and throw in a special offer for customers’ birthdays and other similar events. Putting your loyal customers on email lists and keeping everyone connected is an excellent way to keep up return visits and increase restaurant sales.

Address Efficiency

When your restaurant is operating at capacity, you need to make sure you allow for a constant flow of customers in and out of your tables. That doesn’t mean rushing everyone, but it does mean tightening up your services and your background processes so that everything is running smoothly and making sure that none of your customers are waiting too long between food items and bills. Increased efficiency means you get to increase restaurant sales with a greater flow of served customers.

Upgrade Your POS System

Just about everything we have recommended to do thus far can be accomplished much more easily with a next generation mobile POS system. Modern POS software can help you with menu design, upselling options, and online participation with its many built-in features.

A mobile POS system can also greatly improve customer service by helping you keep track of your staff and synchronize their efforts with the kitchen, bar, and one another. Staff can carry around mobile devices from table to table without having to rush back to the kitchen or the register, taking care of orders and transactions on the move.

A mobile POS will help you increase restaurant sales with built-in loyalty and rewards programs, and it will greatly improve the efficiency of your background operations, helping you organically move more customers through your restaurant during the day.

Mobile cloud-based POS systems have many other benefits to offer as well, and make for powerful assistants in improving the competitiveness of your restaurant business.

Why Wait?

Hopefully these tips will prove useful and you can increase restaurant sales and grow your restaurant into a competitive business. If you are interested in upgrading your POS system to give your restaurant that extra edge, feel free to call us at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation, where we can answer all of your questions. Give us a call today to get serious about increasing sales.

How Restaurant Point of Sale Systems are Changing the Foodservice Industry

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Like many other industries, the foodservice industry is in a process of dramatic change due to the dynamic effects that revolutions in information, mobile, and cloud-based technologies have had on every facet of society. One of the most important catalysts for change in the foodservice industry lies in next generation restaurant point of sale systems. Table Talk Tech specializes in helping restaurant businesses make the transition to these next generation POS systems and harness them for maximum benefit. In this article, we’ll go over how these cutting edge point of sale systems, powered by Lavu, are changing the foodservice industry.

Revolutionizing Customer Service

For one thing, mobile cloud-based restaurant point of sale systems are completely restructuring restaurant and customer interactions. Mobile POS devices such as iPads and iPhones contain all of the necessary functions for navigating menus, tracking tables, processing and handling customer orders, communicating with the kitchen, syncing up with inventory data and other staff, closing orders, handling tips, and everything else that is required to interact with customers in front of house operations.

Since all of the POS operations are going through a central cloud-based server, which can be accessed by any staff member with an Internet-enabled mobile device at any time, there are some important implications that restaurant point of sale systems like these have for customer service. For example, a server with a mobile POS device can read menus and specials, take orders from customers, check out customers, and communicate on the fly with chefs and bartenders, all from anywhere in the restaurant.

This frees up valuable time and energy for wait staff to concentrate on customer interactions themselves. No more frantic running back and forth to tables, kitchens, bars, and POS terminals during peak hours. All inventory and order information is synchronized in real time, improving efficiency of orders and cutting down on errors and miscommunication. Wait staff can smoothly handle all of the necessary operations right from their mobile devices, and devote all of their resources to the customer experience. These improvements positively enhance customer service on many levels.

Considering how important customer service is to the foodservice industry, this is a pretty dramatic development. Upgrading restaurant point of sale systems becomes an important step to increasing competitiveness in the crowded food service marketplace, which could very well mean the survival of smaller restaurants.

Revamping the Kitchen

You could have a relatively chaotic kitchen or a completely tightened up food-prepping machine, but it never hurts to improve kitchen functions for any kind of restaurant business. Part of a next generation restaurant POS system is an improved kitchen display system, which can do wonders for both kitchen staff and wait staff.

The kitchen display system by Lavu in particular has a powerful set of features. The system is interacted with via an iPad, or via a larger display screen and a bump bar for a larger kitchen. All incoming orders are displayed clearly on the screen with timers, color-coded indicators, and late order warnings. Kitchen staff have a full and up to date view of kitchen orders, and front of house staff have the information they need to understand the status of the orders, providing for seamless communication between staff, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of restaurant operations.

By changing the way that kitchens operate, restaurant point of sale systems have the capability to transform the interactions between kitchens and front of house staff. It is important to remember that the beneficial effects of a more effective and efficient kitchen are multiplied when combined with the beneficial effects of improved customer service on the front end.

restaurant table settingsManaging the Backend

By revolutionizing the way that restaurant staff can interact with customers, not to mention among themselves between the kitchen and the dining area, these cutting edge restaurant point of sale systems are affording businesses greater efficiency, and an increased measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, all of which contribute to a stronger business. Bringing all of this growth together is an improved backend process.

Business owners throw away too much time and energy working with less efficient methods of business administration, then attending to the errors and delays that arise from using these methods. A next generation point of sale system introduces additional features that take care of this problem. For example, employee payroll, inventory and sales reports, staff management, customer accounts, accounting operations, and resource management can all be taken care of from a single centralized system, all of it readily available from any location with internet. All of these processes have been streamlined, automated, and integrated into the POS system, so business owners can save valuable time for actually running a successful business. In this way, restaurant point of sale systems make businesses more flexible, responsive, and competitive.

Making the Transition

Restaurant businesses such as franchise chains, food trucks, coffee shops, juice bars, breweries, bars, and fine dining restaurants are making the transition to next generation POS systems and revolutionizing their businesses with mobile cloud-based technologies. The foodservice industry is changing dramatically, and much of it is happening because businesses are adopting these restaurant point of sale systems. The process sounds intimidating: how to upgrade to a next generation technology suite and take full advantage of its benefits? That’s where Table Talk Tech comes in.

Get Started Today

Table Talk Tech is dedicated to helping restaurant businesses of every kind make the transition to mobile cloud-based POS, whether your business is large or small. We can tailor a personalized solution that is developed for your own unique needs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation to determine your POS requirements, where you’ll discover the technology that is revolutionizing the foodservice industry. Give us a call and get started on our restaurant point of sale systems today.

POS for Small Business – The Definitive Guide

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Looking to learn more about POS for small business? Point-of-sale is one of the best ways to improve customer service and business efficiency, but what exactly is a POS system and what specifically can it do for your business? There’s a lot to consider, especially in terms of what makes the best POS system to invest in for your business. We’ve put together this definitive guide so you can get all of your most pressing questions answered in one place.

Among other things, we will address what a POS is, how POS systems improve retail sales, how POS systems improve employee management, how POS systems improve security, how POS systems benefit restaurant owners, what you should look for in a POS system, and much more. If you should find that you have additional questions not answered here, please feel free to contact us at 240-489-2955.

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What is a POS?

Strictly speaking, a point of sale is the time and place at which a commercial transaction occurs. In the past, the point of sale included anything from the checkout counter to the manual cash registers and paper receipts used to make the transaction. Generally speaking, a point of sale requires some kind of invoice or sales total generated by the merchant to present to the customer for the products offered. After the transaction is made, a receipt is provided, completing the exchange.

Over time, manual cash registers and written invoices and receipts have been replaced by electronic cash registers, computer-driven terminals, scanners, stationary and mobile touchscreen devices, and email-able receipts, among other technologies.

As part of this evolution, POS has become synonymous with the software and hardware systems that are used to administer the point of sale. In terms of hardware, a POS for small business entails the monitors, terminals, computers, tablets, printers, and cash registers required for daily transactions.

On the software side, POS platforms are programs that have been built to handle all of the traditional POS functions and more. As POS systems have become more sophisticated, their included functions have expanded as well. In the past, limited manual POS systems basically handled transaction calculations, cash storage, and receipt printing. Today, POS systems have the capabilities to handle transaction calculations, multiple forms of payment, printing, employee management, payroll, accounting, inventory management, customer loyalty, clearance sales, sales reports, and much more.

The ever-increasing power of POS for small business can largely be attributed to the explosive advances in information technology, particularly in mobile and cloud-computing technology. A technology once reserved for tallying up totals and applying basic accounting is now a full fledged suite of software functions that can support the operations of a fairly complex restaurant or retail small business. This is due in large part to the deep interconnectedness of software packages on wireless mobile devices and cloud-based servers.

The same sales, transaction, and inventory data can be shared across multiple wireless devices, and stored on a cloud-based server that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, so long as you have an Internet connection. Every staff member who has access to a mobile device can access all of this information, so all of your small business’ operations are constantly synced up as everyone does their job. Further, you always have access to your data and the real-time operations of your business so you can manage as you see fit.

In retail, your sales staff and your inventory levels can be tightly linked up, while in the restaurant industry, wait staff can link up with bartenders, kitchens, and inventories to provide a more efficient and effective dining experience. POS has taken a much more significant role in the basic operations of restaurant and retail businesses, and because of this, the selection of a quality POS system has a far greater bearing on the success of a small business. Now is the ideal time to upgrade to a high-quality point-of-sale system; don’t hesitate to call at 240-489-2955 to get started.

image02How Does POS Improve Sales for Retail?

There are many ways in which a quality POS system can improve retail sales, and oftentimes, the multiple overlapping benefits of POS work together to improve sales on an exponential level. A POS system achieves this by making the checkout experience much more efficient and effective, and also by retaining a greater amount of loyal customers due to a quality customer experience and improved customer relations through loyalty programs and personalized service.

First is the customer service itself. A POS system greatly improves customer service by speeding up the transaction process and making it more convenient. Transactions are streamlined with customer management, multiple payment options, sales and clearance alerts, and convenient modification functions in case you need to change a purchase, process a refund, or exchange an item. This makes the checkout process easy and personalized, and your sales staff will have all of the clearance and sales information at their fingertips, as well as customer information if applicable, which allows for up-sales and additional sales opportunities.

With a mobile POS for small business, your staff can also walk the floors with mobile devices and checkout customers face to face, right from the sales floor. The combination of the streamlined checkout functions and mobile support allows you to cut down on lines, make the shopping experience more convenient, and personalize your customer service.

There are several ways that this improves sales. First, you are closing more transactions in less time, which can make a huge difference on a busy day. Quicker transactions mean improved shopping experiences for your customers, and more return customers who find shopping at your store to be convenient and pleasant. Also, the fact that you are dramatically cutting your lines and wait times will greatly reduce walk-outs and customer frustration.

Customers remember the unique experiences they have when shopping. The face-to-face interactions afforded by a mobile POS system provide for memorable, personal experiences that allow your customers to connect with your brand on a human level. Your staff can help customers select products, try on clothes, query inventories, and then enjoy the convenience of immediate checkout, no lines necessary. Combine all of this with smooth transactions that allow your customers to get out the door with ease with their new purchases and you have a truly powerful retail experience. These are the kinds of experiences that are going to keep your customers coming back, and telling everyone else to do the same.

It’s all about giving yourself an edge over the competition and providing your customers with a reliable, convenient, and memorable shopping experience. This all culminates in increased revenue through greater sales opportunities, return customers, and new arrivals looking to experience your legendary customer service for themselves. Check out next generation POS for small business with Table Talk Tech, or call us at 240-489-2955 and get started today.

How Does POS Make Employee Management Easier?

Many small business owners can agree that managing employees is a time-consuming and energy intensive process, and fortunately a point-of-sale can help simplify and streamline this process. For starters, a good POS platform can track each of your employees and their hours worked, their total sales, their time punches, and other essential data points.

Tracking employee sales and performance is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your staff, and this is easy to accomplish with your POS system. You can check your employees’ sales performance in real time, determine which employees are strongest at a given task, and organize your workforce accordingly.

Tracking employee hours and pay makes the payroll process much easier, and all of this is easy to accomplish with a built-in time clock. If you need to manage your employees’ hours after the fact, you can easily modify clock-ins and clock-outs, and if one of your staff forgets to clock in at a certain point, you can add that in as well. You can also create a time card report that provides the total number of hours an employee worked, along with their job function and pay class. You can even split up employee pay rates in case your employees fulfill multiple functions with different pay rates throughout the course of the week. The best part is that you can do all of this from an intuitive web-based control panel, anytime and anywhere you have an active Internet connection.

Many small business owners regard payroll as a time-consuming nightmare, but POS employee tracking makes the process much easier. All of the data you need for payroll is already retained and calculated by your POS software as your employees conduct their daily tasks and interact with the time clock. You have a complete record of hours worked, break and lunch periods, total pay, overtime, and other useful stores of data that can be fed right into your favorite payroll programs, or handled by a third party.

Having your payroll managed by a third party is a great way to save time and energy and focus on your business. For example, Table Talk Tech provides Intuit-based payroll services in which we take your employee hour data and manage direct deposits, tax withholdings, tax payments, and W-2s. Payroll data is synced with QuickBooks, so you have everything you need for your records.

Whatever method you decide to use, cloud-based POS makes your employee management and payroll that much easier. Investment in POS for small business means more easy and effective employee management, which translates to more efficient business operations, lower costs, and more energy allocated toward effective business management. Mobile cloud-based POS handles all of the heavy lifting for you, and the best part is that all of the data and modification functions you need are stored on a single cloud server that you can access at any time. Now is the time to call 240-489-2955 and upgrade your employee management capabilities.

image03How Does POS Improve Security for Customers?

A POS for small business greatly improves security for your customers by providing advanced layers of protection for the transaction process in the form of sophisticated payment processes and gateways, EMV and NFC technologies, and other mechanisms. Modern POS systems typically use integrated credit card processing in the form of USB-connected card readers which operate over the Internet as opposed to a traditional phone line.

Internet-based payments are handled by highly secure payment gateways that encrypt the information as it is sent to the payment processor. There are several different types of payment gateways with varying levels of integration and security, and a good POS system should allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Traditional non-integrated phone-line credit card processors also provide a decent level of security, but for the cutting edge in payment security, integrated payment processors definitely have the most up-to-date security innovations.

Security is incredibly important in this digital age, when unprotected sensitive information can easily be intercepted by malicious third parties. High payment security is not only good for customer peace of mind, but for covering your liabilities as well. With the introduction of EMV technology in particular, credit card companies are offloading liability onto the merchants that fail to adopt the technology.

This is why it is so important to adopt the most reliable and sophisticated security technologies such as EMV and NFC credit card security mechanisms, both of which are supported by Lavu’s POS. EMV is a relatively recent credit card technology which provides more secure and reliable transactions. EMV helps to reduce credit card fraud by utilizing an integrated circuit to pay, as opposed to a magnetic strip. Sensitive information can be copied off of a magnetic strip, but a circuit requires the card itself in the transaction.

NFC technology allows two devices to establish a radio connection and transfer information. You will often find NFC-based payment systems on smartphones in the form of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and PayPal Mobile. Upgrading your POS to account for NFC is a great way to improve the security of your transactions, and it also provides your customers with an incredibly convenient and enjoyable way to pay, which has the added benefit of improving the customer experience.

At Table Talk Tech, our own integrated credit card processing services are equipped with additional layers of security that go beyond the market standard. We are a PCI certified QIR (Qualified Integrated and Reseller), and our payment gateways represent the cutting edge in payment security. We utilize end-to-end encryption which allows for uninterrupted encryption between the POS software and the payment processor, as well as tokenization that converts sensitive data into non-sensitive symbols to prevent theft. We also provide secure systems with EMV and NFC technologies. If you’re serious about security, don’t hesitate to call us at 240-489-2955 and get started with one of our secure POS systems.

image01How Does POS Benefit Restaurant Owners?

For the restaurant owner, a POS for small business provides a wealth of features that are specifically advantageous to running a foodservice establishment. Possibly the most important characteristic that a next-generation POS system offers is the connectivity that is provided by wireless mobile cloud-based systems. Many different devices in your restaurant that are wireless-enabled can be potentially synced up to your POS system, allowing for an unprecedented level of coordination, speed, and accuracy.

For example, you can outfit multiple mobile devices with the POS software, allowing each server to take orders, modify orders, communicate with the bar and the kitchen, and close orders, among other functions, all while moving effortlessly from table to table. This allows your servers to devote most of their energy to customer interactions, improving the dining experience. Fewer mistakes are made since all of the order information is constantly synced up in real time, and orders are completed and closed with much greater efficiency. This allows for incredibly personalized, timely, and reliable ordering, reducing awkward wait times and miscommunications.

An upgraded POS for small business is incredibly useful to restaurant owners for this reason. Every restaurant owner knows that excellent customer service is just as important as the quality of the food itself. With mobile POS systems allowing you to provide a heightened customer experience, you can reap the benefits of greater customer loyalty, return visits, positive online reviews, longer stays with more purchases, and a steady flow of new customers thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations.

A quality POS also improves the upsell factor on a customer-by-customer basis. POS software can be programmed to provide menu item pairings, featured items, and order suggestions to be passed on by wait staff. This results in an improved flow of revenue for your business.

We mentioned that mobile POS systems allow wait staff to communicate with bars and kitchens. This is another important element to improving the overall operation of your restaurant business. Kitchens and bars can be fitted with touch displays that sync up with the POS software, allowing your staff to receive orders as they are taken. This helps to improve the accuracy and speed of orders, which helps your wait staff improve the overall customer experience.

Another benefit afforded by an upgraded POS is the improved level of feedback between front-of-house operations and inventories. You and your staff can have a constant awareness of inventory contents, and detailed sales reports can help you keep your menu items stocked for when you need them.

A next-generation POS system can help you dramatically improve the organization and responsiveness of your restaurant, and it can help you improve your customer experience, increase revenue, and cut down on costs through more efficient operations. Table Talk Tech can help you upgrade your POS system and get it working with maximum benefit for your restaurant. Give us a call at 240-489-2955 to get started.

What to Look for in a POS System

The POS for small business is a popular and sought-after product, and not surprisingly the industry is rife with competition. Of course, not all POS systems are worth their salt, so how do you distinguish the winners from the time-wasters? There are several things that every business owner should look for in a point-of-sale system.

To take full advantage of the features that a next-generation POS system has to offer, a mobile cloud-based system is the best way to benefit from the gains won by technological innovation over the last decade. This seems obvious enough, but again, there are many POS systems on the market, many of them not mobile and cloud-based. A mobile, cloud-based system allows for full synchronization and implementation of time-saving and organizing functions.

Look for a POS system that provides you with options. A closed proprietary system may have some decent software, but every restaurant is different and has varying requirements for its daily operations. A POS system should provide you with choices for your payment system providers and your card-scanning devices, and it should be able to integrate with existing applications you may be using, such as QuickBooks. For example, Lavu’s POS software integrates with many different types of applications, and provides support for different types of payment processing services, so you can choose the POS solution that works best for you.

Another marker of flexibility to look for in a POS is a tiered payment plan. You should be able to select the system that you need to successfully run your business without having to pay for functions that you don’t have use for.

Your chosen POS should also have strong security capabilities. You can never be too careful with your customers’ credit card information, so look for strengthened encryption features and next-generation security technologies such as EMV and NFC, as mentioned previously.

Just as important is solid hardware that is both reliable and intuitive to use. For example, Apple’s mobile devices and networking products are excellent platforms for POS software, and their touch screens make for an intuitive interface that is easy for staff to pick up right away and start using. Look for a POS system that uses quality hardware from a trusted name.

Table Talk Tech provides high-quality POS systems for small business that demonstrate all of the features you need to improve your business. We only work with the best hardware from Apple, a trusted name, and the Lavu POS software we use is at the top of its class. You can be assured that our POS systems receive the highest marks in the marketplace, and perform in retail and restaurant businesses of all different kinds.

Common Objections to Switching to POS

Of course, there are always going to be objections and concerns that arise when you consider any major business investment. In this case, much of the concern has to do with the complexity and comprehensive nature of a next-generation POS system, which makes implementation appear to be a pretty intimidating ordeal for many businesses.

Maybe you feel set in your ways and satisfied with the manner in which you have always done things, or perhaps you have a set of programs you’ve always used to get the job done. You fear that switching over to a new POS system could be particularly disruptive to your business, inhibiting your day-to-day operations.

Many business owners are worried about the learning curve for a new POS system, and how much time and energy it will take to get their entire staff up to speed with the new system. What if you invest all of this time, energy, and money into a new POS system to simply have it turn out to be a disappointment?

These are all common and quite reasonable concerns from small business owners, but none of them are particularly necessary in the long run. That’s because a next-generation POS for small business provides a net gain for business despite any initial challenges. Yes it takes time and energy to implement a new POS system, and it takes time to get all of your staff completely acquainted with the new system, but these costs are nothing compared to the long-term gains in productivity, reliability, and effectiveness that your business will enjoy.

What’s more, help from a dedicated team of professionals is just a phone call away. Table Talk Tech specializes in helping small businesses get upgraded to a new POS system, while taking full advantage of it in the process. With the professional help we provide (along with the comprehensive training videos and technical support to help get your staff up to speed and keep your POS system running smoothly), there is no reason to keep putting off your POS upgrade.

A modern point-of-sale system more than pays for itself once it is up and running. With the help of knowledgeable experts and an investment of time, your business will become much more efficient and your customer service will improve dramatically, increasing sales and revenue and helping your business to grow.

image05Why Choose Table Talk Tech?

Table Talk Tech is the leading provider of POS for small business in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia, and there are several great reasons to choose us as your POS partner. Our standards for hardware and software solutions are uncompromising, and we provide only the higest quality products for our customers.

It’s one thing to invest in a reliable POS system, but we want you to actually maximize its potential and get the most out of your investment. We aren’t satisfied until you are achieving the return you should expect from your new system.

We employ talented professionals who know POS inside and out, and our team can help with the full installation of your upgraded POS system, no matter the configuration. We offer free evaluations for all of our clients, and as experienced restaurant professionals, we can thoroughly grasp the unique demands of a business and build out a POS solution that is tailored for your particular needs.

After the installation, we don’t just leave our clients in the dust. We provide ongoing technical support and training to ensure that you are getting everything you can out of your POS system. We can also provide other useful services such as payroll and financing, thereby allowing you to focus on what you do best.

When you work with Table Talk Tech, you aren’t just investing in a next-generation POS for small business – though that is a huge benefit in itself – you’re investing in a partner who has your long term business goals in mind. We help businesses grow through the powerful features of mobile cloud-based POS. Are you ready to get started upgrading your POS? Give us a call at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation.

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POS Systems for Restaurants | How a POS Can Increase Business

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When it comes to increasing business for your restaurant operation, upgrading your POS system probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However next generation POS systems for restaurants are actually incredibly effective at improving customer satisfaction, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, and increasing overall business and revenue. This is because of the way in which mobile cloud-based POS systems completely change the quality of how your business operates, and how you relate to customers.

In this article, we’ll go over the ways in which POS systems for restaurants can completely change both your front-of-house operations and your back-end operations for the better. We can also discuss how these changes can contribute to increased business and a growing revenue that comes with it.

Improved Customer Service

There are ways for restaurants to provide a truly unique menu selection that can’t be had anywhere else, but it is also true that there are many restaurants competing today, and there is a lot of good food out there. What many customers are looking for in addition to great food is great service and an overall memorable dining experience.

There are of course many ways to do this, but next-generation POS systems for restaurants have the unique advantage of introducing several improvements to customer service all at once. Mobile cloud-based POS systems feature full functionality on mobile devices, which are all constantly synced up and in communication with each other, which in turn are in constant communication with the kitchen. What this means is that your servers can go from table to table with a mobile device and never have to visit a terminal, or run to the back, except to pick up food if need be.

Your servers can take orders and send them straight to the kitchen, and then process credit cards right at the table, emailing your customers’ their receipts or sending them to a printer, all without skipping a beat. Upgraded POS systems for restaurants result in shorter wait times, increased staff communication, a reduction in errors between front of house staff and the kitchen, and a dramatically improved customer experience overall.

Efficient Operations

A next-generation POS system will also greatly tighten up your administrative operations, which affords you and your staff more time and energy to put into the dining experience itself. Cloud-based POS systems synchronize employee tasks and communication, provide updated inventory information in real time, generate comprehensive reports, handle payroll tasks, accept online orders, and much more.

POS systems for restaurants allow for a fully integrated administrative process that is constantly synced with your front-of-house operations, which results in fewer mistakes, fewer misunderstandings, and greater efficiency. You have constant access to your administrative operations and the data that goes with it, as it is all up on a centralized server in the cloud which can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.

A smoother operation affects both your bottom line and the overall feel of your restaurant. Happier staff and more efficient operations mean a better customer experience and a greater proportion of revenue going to worthwhile aspects of your business.

A Stronger Kitchen

Mobile cloud-based POS systems for restaurants can also connect with modern cloud-based kitchen display systems, which amounts to both a stronger kitchen and a more responsive wait service. Modern kitchen displays can wirelessly receive orders from wait staff, which come with late order notifications, information on closed-orders, responsive communication, and more. Wireless kitchen displays also eliminate the need for printers.

With your kitchen operating at peak form, your wait staff can get customers their orders with precision and speed, which allows your wait staff to operate at peak form as well, delivering exceptional customer service in turn.

More Business and Revenue

As you can see, next-generation POS systems for restaurants address several components of your restaurant at once, tightening them up and allowing them to work together more efficiently and in sync. Front-end customer service is improved, back-end business administration is rationalized and made more efficient, and the kitchen is strengthened.


What all of this amounts to is satisfied customers who are going to keep returning to your restaurant again and again. A reputation of good service spreads quickly by word of mouth, so all of your loyal customers are going to bring in more customers, who are quickly going to become loyal as well because your food and service is so great. This is especially true if your exceptional service comes with the type of novel experience that is found with mobile cloud-based POS. In fact, this cutting-edge service tends to be highly marketable, allowing you to drive in more customers and further increase your revenue.

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Now it is more clear: upgrading POS systems for restaurants can have beneficial compounding effects on customer service, which drives more business and greatly increases revenue. So what are you waiting for? Experience what the next generation of mobile cloud-based POS technology has to offer.

Table Talk Tech specializes in cutting-edge POS systems for restaurant and retail businesses. We can provide you with a free consultation to help you get a feel for what your ultimate POS system would look like. We also do installs, training, technical support, menu programming, network setups, and much more. We are here to help you get the most out of your POS technology. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 and get started with a free evaluation now!


Choosing a Web Based POS System – 5 Things to Look For

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The point-of-sale world is exploding, as more and more retail and foodservice businesses are realizing the immense benefits of switching to a streamlined POS. If you’re looking for a web based POS system of your own, you may be overwhelmed by the dizzying array of options available on the market. A POS system is a significant investment, so it’s important that you carefully weigh out your options and select a system that is going to benefit your business with maximum effect.

We know how a next generation POS system can dramatically transform your business operations, and that it may be a little intimidating to suddenly enter that world. We’ve put together a list of the most important characteristics to look for in the web based POS system that you are considering. After a brief survey of the most important elements to look for, you should be significantly more informed as to what to look for in the POS system that is right for you.


  1. Feature-Rich at a Reasonable Price

Next generation POS systems are typically packed with useful features. You’ll find essential functions like employee management and payroll tools, inventory management, reports, integrated payment processing options, menu customization, tip entry, gift cards, loyalty programs, order management, discounts and clearances, refunds, pricing schemes, online ordering, kitchen communications, and much more in a good web based POS system.

Of course some POS system companies will try to sell you on too many features that are unnecessary for the business you are running. Maybe you are a small business and only need a certain set of features to get by, or you are a large chain and you need a lot of features that a certain POS system is not providing. Either way, you are not getting the most out of your POS system.

Ideally, your POS system of choice should offer multiple payment plans that provide a different set of features for each plan, so you can evaluate which plan is right for you considering the price. That way — as a small business — you can elect for a lighter plan and upgrade later if you’re growing, and then as a larger business you can choose a plan that is going to offer the set of features you need to run a substantial operation.

  1. Intuitive Interface

Keep your eyes out for a web based POS system that has an intuitive and organized interface, as you and your staff are going to be using it extensively every day your business is open. Your POS system of choice should be easy to use, with all of the functions you need on a daily basis right at your fingertips and ready to go. Touch-based interfaces are pretty much the standard today, so is the interface designed well to appeal to touch controls?

A convoluted and badly designed interface can set you back with days of training and acclimation, and even then the system may not work the way you want it, causing customers to wait for their orders and sit around as their orders are closed. Look for a POS system that is easy to use, and then make sure that you and your staff are comfortable using it. You have enough much to worry about when running a business; you shouldn’t have to worry about navigating a badly designed POS system.

  1. Mobility

The beautiful thing about a web based POS system is that all of your sales, employee activities, and inventory counts should sync up as long as the device you are using is connected to the web-based service. To take full advantage of modern cloud computing and connected POS devices, your devices should be able to go mobile. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones can easily run POS software, and you can take these devices all over your restaurant or retail business.

Restaurants and retail businesses everywhere are revolutionizing their customer service with fully mobile POS, allowing servers and sales staff to attend to customers wherever they happen to be, and take care of their needs from the mobile device. What’s more, mobile devices can be connected to the cloud, so every staff member is constantly synced up and communicating, and staff in turn are synced up with kitchens and inventories for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Reliable Hardware

It is not a great idea to leave your powerful web based POS system to some obscure piece of hardware that may or may not break down on you in the middle of a business day. Technical issues in a POS system can pose a huge headache, and cause delays and frustrations for your customers, as well as sap valuable time and energy from you and your staff.

Look for POS software that runs on time-tested devices. For example, a great platform for POS systems is Apple’s line of hardware. Apple iPads, iPods, and iPhones are ideal environments for POS software, and their mobility and versatility makes for useful components to your business. Plus, their touch-screen interfaces are perfect for usability.

  1. Plenty of Support

A web based POS system is going to have several highly technical components to make everything work. You’re going to need working hardware, software, and a network setup to handle everything. Every POS system also has a slight learning curve, so it helps to find a company that can help set up your POS system and get you acclimated to it. Plus it is always nice to have technical support and training available in case you need it. Look for a POS provider who is willing to establish a long-term relationship with you to ensure that your needs are being met by your investment.

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Table Talk Tech specializes in mobile cloud-based POS for restaurant and retail businesses big and small. We can get you started with a web based POS system that meets the unique needs of your particular business. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 to get started with a free evaluation.


Looking for the Best POS System? 10 Reasons to Choose Table Talk Tech

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Searching for the best POS system on the market can be pretty daunting, and there are many reasons for this. Given that point of sale is such an important component to restaurant and retail business processes – whether they are front-of-house operations or back-end administrative tasks – there are many competing POS device and software solutions available on the market. On top of this, POS systems can offer very complex and feature-rich user environments, and it isn’t always easy to parse out which functions you need and which you can do without.

However you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when searching out the best POS system for you. Table Talk Tech specializes in helping restaurant and retail business make the switch to mobile cloud-based POS. With our extensive restaurant industry experience and technical expertise, we know exactly which systems provide the best solution given the unique conditions of your business. In fact, here are ten good reasons why you should choose our services to help you get situated with an incredibly powerful and feature-packed POS system.

  1. Stay on the Cutting Edge

The hardware and software solutions we provide are next-generation systems that will usher your business into the mobile, cloud-based future. The best POS system we recommend is the Lavu software platform, which works flawlessly on Apple iPads and iPhones. Using Apple iPads, you can establish sleek and stylish terminals with all of the functions you need to facilitate your transactions. With all of your POS functions on the cloud, and thanks to the intuitive touch screen interface, all of your employees can be synced up in real time and kept up to date with sales information, clearances, coupons, customer information, and much more.

Another aspect that makes this the best POS system is that you can link up other iPads and iPhones, which can be fully mobile and deployed throughout your restaurant or retail space, cutting down on lines, improving service, kitchen, and customer interactions, and improving the overall customer experience. We also offer a sophisticated kitchen display system that can change the way your kitchen manages and fulfills orders. What’s more is that all of this is taking place on the cloud, and you can monitor all of it anytime from anywhere.

  1. Choose Your Solution

The best POS system for you is not necessarily the system with all of the bells and whistles – though more is better for certain businesses – but the system that works for your specific needs. With this in mind, we offer businesses four different types of license levels for our software, so you can choose the package that has the features you need for a reasonable price.

The first license level is the 88 plan, which is a basic POS package that contains all of the essential functions a small business needs to get started. The plan provides order tracking, discount and promotion creation, employee and management tools, inventory management, reports, menu customization, payment integrations, time cards, RFID Login, tip entry, and much more. True to its name, the 88 plan is only $88 a month and supports 1 terminal, 1 mobile device, a cash drawer, and 2 printers.

The next license level is the Lavu Silver plan, which is similar to the 88 plan, but you pay $895 for a license, and $39 a month for your subscription. This plan basically has identical software features and supported hardware, but offers an up-front cost and lower monthly payments for the business who can afford the up-front costs, and is looking for an affordable long term solution.

The Gold plan costs $1,495 for a license, and requires a monthly fee of $79. However for the added costs, you get 2 terminals and 10 mobile devices supported, as well as extra features on top of the features offered in the previous two packages, such as self-service, customer management, emailable receipts, and more. This plan also give you the option of adding a Lavu Local Server for a total monthly fee of $149, which adds redundancy and greater stability to your POS network.

The Pro plan is offered at $2,495 for a license, and a monthly fee of $149. This plan allows you to have 3 terminals and 15 mobile devices, and you can add terminals at $20 a device. You get unlimited printers, cash drawers, and user accounts as well. In terms of features, you get comprehensive reporting, advanced printing, Meal Period reports, and Revenue Center tracking to help you maximize your revenue and improve service. This is the most robust and feature-packed plan we offer.

  1. Revolutionize Your Business with Cloud Technology

We offer the best POS system for cloud computing. All of your operations are on the cloud: employee management, inventory tracking, promotions, sales reports, time sheets, order tracking, and other essential functions are all readily accessible from anywhere at any time. Since everything is on a central cloud server, all of your functions are always synced up on any device that accesses your server. Your sales staff or servers have all of the information they need to take orders, while communicating with the kitchen, bartenders, and other servers with ease. Promotions and offers are always at their fingertips, and you can monitor any of this in real time.

Mobile devices, terminals, cash drawers, kitchen displays, and printers are always linked up on the cloud server and communicating. This improves efficiency and communication throughout your entire organization, which has synergistic effects that reinforce each other at every station.

  1. Upgrade Your Customer Service

In terms of your front-of-house operations, choosing the best POS system can revolutionize your customer service in several ways. First, our POS software allows for efficient customer management, sales and clearance alerts for staff, inventory information, communication with the kitchen, and other useful features which speed up and improve ordering, checkouts, staff communication, and other components of the customer experience.

With a mobile POS system, you can take care of all of your ordering and transaction operations on the fly, from anywhere within your restaurant or retail space. In restaurants, servers can traverse tables with ease, taking orders and sending them straight to the kitchen, while taking care of customer transactions seamlessly and effortlessly, without having to run back and forth within the physical space.

The same is the case in a retail environment. With a mobile POS system, your sales staff can interact directly with customers on the floor, helping them with purchases and checking out, cutting down on lines and providing customers with a face-to-face shopping experience. With happy and impressed customers, the benefits are compounded: customer loyalty increases, return visits increase, new customers come in through word of mouth, and revenue increases in turn.

  1. Improve Business Operations

In competitive industries, factors like efficient staff communication, smooth logistics, and effective management are all absolutely essential. You have to maintain a well-oiled operation to provide worthwhile goods and services. By choosing the best POS system for your business, you are improving your business operations tenfold. Cloud-based POS systems can help you streamline and rationalize your operations, while syncing everything to the cloud allows for coordination among staff and a constant stream of actionable information in real time.

With a mobile cloud based POS, you get full access to updated sales reports, detailed inventory reporting, staff activity, order statuses, cash register positions, employee payroll management, and much more. Everything you need to administer your business is right at your fingertips, and accessible from anywhere thanks to cloud technology.

  1. Packed with Features

So far you’ve probably gathered that our mobile POS systems are absolutely packed with features, and there is a good reason for that. By having everything you need to administer your business and serve your customers on one centralized system, it makes operating your business that much easier. We’ve already talked about some of the features that our system provides. Let’s take a quick walk-through of the many features you can expect from the best POS system for you.

On the front end, you have fully integrated payment processing with your choice of a secure payment gateway service, which we will elaborate on below. Everything you need to take care of your customers is accounted for: customer profiles, gift card support, loyalty programs, suggested sales and clearances, tipping, discounts, custom payment amounts, order notes, split checks, and anything else you need to serve your customers. There are also tools for managers to take care of voids and refunds and transfer orders.

Setting up the best POS system also provides myriad back-end and operational features that are sure to improve the efficiency of your business processes tenfold. Manage employee shifts, adjust pay levels, organize employees into classes, generate comprehensive reports, customize your menu, manage your inventory, handle time cards and payroll, take care of overtime adjustments, implement Happy Hour pricing, and more.

On top of everything, you can add even more functions if you need them with extensions to the software. The features available to you vary with the license level that you select, but rest assured, each of our license levels offers myriad functions that help you accomplish everything you need to for your business. This isn’t even an exhaustive list of the features available on our POS system, but we did cover quite a bit of ground.

  1. Easy to Use

So far, it may sound like an advanced mobile POS system may be feature-rich, but complex and difficult to use as a result. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. If you are seeking out the best POS system on the market, ease of use should be one of your top priorities. If all of your staff aren’t completely proficient with the software and working together to run an incredible business and satisfy customers, then what is the point?

Our mobile POS systems are built for the intuitive touch-screen style of the Apple iPad and iPhone, and the interface is designed to be easy to use for anyone who picks it up. Our menu systems are easy to navigate, and the myriad features are readily available with a swipe of the finger. All of the essential functions you need are available across devices, and you can access the system from just about anywhere, as everything takes place on a centralized, synchronized cloud server.

  1. Flexible Payment Options

Our POS solution provides for both standalone credit card terminals and fully integrated credit card processing. Standalone credit card terminals operate independently from your mobile POS terminal and usually work through a separate phone line. These types of terminals are great for smaller businesses like food trucks who want to keep their payments simple.

However a comprehensive integrated credit card processing solution is definitely the way to go if you want to offer robust payment options to your customers right from your mobile POS terminal. This is the best POS system configuration you can go with if you are looking to get on board with the next generation of payment options. Integrated credit card payment processing comes in the form of a card reader that attaches via USB to your mobile device.

Integrated credit card processing takes place over an Internet connection, and the transaction security is handled by various payment gateways which encrypt the credit card information. The types of payment gateway services we support are Mercury, Bridgepay/TGate, Heartland, MerchantWARE, and USAePay. Together each of these services supports card readers such as the iDynamo, uDynamo, Linea Pro, Infinea Tab, ID Tech USB Reader, Blue Bamboo Mfi P25-M, iMag Pro, and others. Of course the supported card reader depends on the payment gateway service you are using.

The best POS systems will also support EMV technology, which provides for better credit card payment encryption and protection against credit card fraud. And we can’t forget Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and other NFC technologies which allow customers to make payments with a mere swipe on their smartphones, which our POS systems can support.

The bottom line is that we offer multiple payment options and services, so our clients can find the POS setup that works for them. The credit card payment flexibility also extends to you, allowing you to give your customers the variety of payment options that they have come to expect, as well as the payment security they deserve.

  1. Continuous Support

We understand that even the best POS systems have a slight learning curve, and technical issues are going to be found in every electronic system on the market. That is why we offer robust and ongoing technical support for all of our clients, to ensure that their POS investments are at peak operation and are providing a maximum return.

We provide a wealth of training videos and technical support material so our clients are never left in the dark in regards to their POS system. If that isn’t enough, we also provide face-to-face technical support and training in which our experienced technicians come out and troubleshoot your POS system, or otherwise train your staff to use our systems with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our support extends to both our software and our hardware. Having trouble navigating the software, or are you coming across any bugs? We can help you out both through online support and personalized support with our technicians. If it is a hardware issue, we can come right out and take a look at the system and determine what needs to be fixed.

On top of technical support and training services, we offer our extensive experience in the restaurant industry as a valuable resource for our clients. We can also help you determine what type of POS system is appropriate for your needs, given the unique nature of your own business. Below we will elaborate on those services.

Finally, if your business needs help raising the capital to get started with a new POS system, we can help you with a short term or long term financing plan, thanks to our partnerships with various dependable lenders.

All in all, you could buy the best POS system on the market and it won’t do you any good if you and your staff are having trouble using it, or it is not working properly. The wealth of support services we offer are intended to keep your cutting edge POS system functioning optimally, so you can get the greatest benefit out of your investment.

  1. Get Fully Set Up

We use our extensive restaurant industry experience, as well as our technical experience, to help you determine the best POS system for your business. Our team will come right to your restaurant or retail location and provide a free consultation to determine the proper number of iPads, iPhones, or iPods you need to maximize the quality and the efficiency of your customer service. Other components we will recommend are cash drawers, printers, kitchen display systems, and a wireless hub to tie them all together in a network.

Which brings us to our networking services. Setting up a network infrastructure can be a demanding task, especially for a small business owner that is busy running his or her business. It really helps to have a professional design and develop your network to ensure a robust and efficient network for your POS system, and for your business operations in general.

We can help you design a proper network and configure all of the proper hardware you need, as well as establish sound network security with safeguards such as backup files, firewall protection, and router protection. We can also help you manage and maintain your network so it continues to work for you well into the future of your business. If you need an additional layer of protection, we can set you up with the Lavu Local Server if you choose a Gold or Pro plan, which provides a localized server that can keep your data and most of your functions up and running if the Internet goes down. Then everything just syncs up when you’re online again.

We specialize in installing POS systems so that we can get our clients up and running with their systems working exactly as they should, right out of the box. After we have determined the proper setup you will require, our team can schedule an installation, which can take hours or a full day depending on the complexity of the system. We can also customize your iPad, iPhones, and iPods with branded cases to further improve the presentation of your restaurant or retail environment.

So to top off our services, we can help you determine the best POS system setup for your business, e to provide next-generation, mobile cloud-based POS systems to help our clients revolutionize their businesses, but we also want to make sure our clients are off to a strong start with their systems working as they should, which in the long run will save you time and money, and help you get the most out of your investment.

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So we have just concluded a fairly extensive – but not exhaustive – list of the numerous benefits that can be had if you choose Table Talk Tech to assist you in your mobile POS upgrade. Sometimes choosing the best POS system for your restaurant or retail business means not only choosing the best hardware and software on the market, but building a lasting relationship with an experienced professional that has your interests in mind, who can help you make the transition to a next generation POS system and get the most out of that investment. Otherwise you just have a bunch of powerful software and hardware sitting and gathering dust.

Are you ready to make the transition? We’re ready to assist you, and we proudly serve customers throughout Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia.. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 and we’ll schedule a free consultation.