Table Talk Tech is pleased to provide EMV POS in Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia, geared toward restaurant and retail businesses. EMV is a payment standard for smart payment cards and terminals, which allows for more reliable and secure transactions. An EMV system greatly reduces credit card fraud, sparing your business from endless hours of frustration, compensation, and damage control.Buying with Credit Card

EMV Point of Sale

EMV stands for “Europay, Mastercard, and Visa,” referring to the three companies that first established the standard. EMV was developed to provide more secure payment services and cut down on credit card fraud by adding the ability to pay with an integrated circuit, as opposed to a magnetic strip. The process is executed by inserting the chip card into a reader, or transmitting the data through an NFC (near field radio) connection. This makes it impossible to create a fake copy of the card, as the cryptographic methods require the card itself to be authenticated at the swiping machine.

Table Talk Tech has set up EMV for many different types of restaurant and retail businesses looking to achieve that additional layer of security for their customers. Virtually everyone can benefit from the increased security benefits of this system. We’ve worked with fine dining restaurants, food trucks, cafes, bars, breweries, and other establishments to improve their payment security. We’ve also worked with many different types of retail businesses, and we understand these industries inside and out. Let us help you.Woman hand with credit card swipe through terminal for sale

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Why implement EMV POS in Maryland? Aren’t traditional credit card payment systems secure enough? The answer unfortunately is that you can never have too much security, as there are many ways to commit credit card fraud. Credit card companies and banks are beginning to transfer liability onto merchants who fail to utilize the latest EMV systems.

Table Talk Tech can set you up with cutting-edge EMV capabilities. We provide all of the hardware and software options you need to upgrade your POS systems to the next generation of mobile cloud-based services. With our EMV POS solutions, we will provide you with airtight credit card processing security, so you can keep your customers’ payment information safe and protect your business from unnecessary liability. We can also help you set up everything to work the way you need it, and we provide ongoing training and technical support as well. Give us a call at 240-489-2955 and get started now with a free evaluation.