How Restaurant Point of Sale Systems are Changing the Foodservice Industry

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Like many other industries, the foodservice industry is in a process of dramatic change due to the dynamic effects that revolutions in information, mobile, and cloud-based technologies have had on every facet of society. One of the most important catalysts for change in the foodservice industry lies in next generation restaurant point of sale systems. Table Talk Tech specializes in helping restaurant businesses make the transition to these next generation POS systems and harness them for maximum benefit. In this article, we’ll go over how these cutting edge point of sale systems, powered by Lavu, are changing the foodservice industry.

Revolutionizing Customer Service

For one thing, mobile cloud-based restaurant point of sale systems are completely restructuring restaurant and customer interactions. Mobile POS devices such as iPads and iPhones contain all of the necessary functions for navigating menus, tracking tables, processing and handling customer orders, communicating with the kitchen, syncing up with inventory data and other staff, closing orders, handling tips, and everything else that is required to interact with customers in front of house operations.

Since all of the POS operations are going through a central cloud-based server, which can be accessed by any staff member with an Internet-enabled mobile device at any time, there are some important implications that restaurant point of sale systems like these have for customer service. For example, a server with a mobile POS device can read menus and specials, take orders from customers, check out customers, and communicate on the fly with chefs and bartenders, all from anywhere in the restaurant.

This frees up valuable time and energy for wait staff to concentrate on customer interactions themselves. No more frantic running back and forth to tables, kitchens, bars, and POS terminals during peak hours. All inventory and order information is synchronized in real time, improving efficiency of orders and cutting down on errors and miscommunication. Wait staff can smoothly handle all of the necessary operations right from their mobile devices, and devote all of their resources to the customer experience. These improvements positively enhance customer service on many levels.

Considering how important customer service is to the foodservice industry, this is a pretty dramatic development. Upgrading restaurant point of sale systems becomes an important step to increasing competitiveness in the crowded food service marketplace, which could very well mean the survival of smaller restaurants.

Revamping the Kitchen

You could have a relatively chaotic kitchen or a completely tightened up food-prepping machine, but it never hurts to improve kitchen functions for any kind of restaurant business. Part of a next generation restaurant POS system is an improved kitchen display system, which can do wonders for both kitchen staff and wait staff.

The kitchen display system by Lavu in particular has a powerful set of features. The system is interacted with via an iPad, or via a larger display screen and a bump bar for a larger kitchen. All incoming orders are displayed clearly on the screen with timers, color-coded indicators, and late order warnings. Kitchen staff have a full and up to date view of kitchen orders, and front of house staff have the information they need to understand the status of the orders, providing for seamless communication between staff, which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of restaurant operations.

By changing the way that kitchens operate, restaurant point of sale systems have the capability to transform the interactions between kitchens and front of house staff. It is important to remember that the beneficial effects of a more effective and efficient kitchen are multiplied when combined with the beneficial effects of improved customer service on the front end.

restaurant table settingsManaging the Backend

By revolutionizing the way that restaurant staff can interact with customers, not to mention among themselves between the kitchen and the dining area, these cutting edge restaurant point of sale systems are affording businesses greater efficiency, and an increased measure of customer satisfaction and loyalty, all of which contribute to a stronger business. Bringing all of this growth together is an improved backend process.

Business owners throw away too much time and energy working with less efficient methods of business administration, then attending to the errors and delays that arise from using these methods. A next generation point of sale system introduces additional features that take care of this problem. For example, employee payroll, inventory and sales reports, staff management, customer accounts, accounting operations, and resource management can all be taken care of from a single centralized system, all of it readily available from any location with internet. All of these processes have been streamlined, automated, and integrated into the POS system, so business owners can save valuable time for actually running a successful business. In this way, restaurant point of sale systems make businesses more flexible, responsive, and competitive.

Making the Transition

Restaurant businesses such as franchise chains, food trucks, coffee shops, juice bars, breweries, bars, and fine dining restaurants are making the transition to next generation POS systems and revolutionizing their businesses with mobile cloud-based technologies. The foodservice industry is changing dramatically, and much of it is happening because businesses are adopting these restaurant point of sale systems. The process sounds intimidating: how to upgrade to a next generation technology suite and take full advantage of its benefits? That’s where Table Talk Tech comes in.

Get Started Today

Table Talk Tech is dedicated to helping restaurant businesses of every kind make the transition to mobile cloud-based POS, whether your business is large or small. We can tailor a personalized solution that is developed for your own unique needs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation to determine your POS requirements, where you’ll discover the technology that is revolutionizing the foodservice industry. Give us a call and get started on our restaurant point of sale systems today.

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