How to Increase Restaurant Sales

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The modern foodservice industry landscape is a challenging field to do business in. Businesses large and small occupy just about every service niche on the market there is, and there is fierce competition amongst restaurant businesses throughout the industry to stay in business. It is difficult enough to run a successful restaurant, let alone in today’s marketplace. Of course, it can be done if it is done right. Here are several tips on how to increase restaurant sales and grow as a restaurant business.

Utilize the Upsell

Every successful restaurant business owner will tell you that you need to train your wait staff right away to upsell whenever the opportunity arises. Even small upsells can make a huge difference in revenue by the end of each day, and it provides a richer dining experience for your existing customer base. If your servers are talented, you can gain more revenue out of each customer while making for an enjoyable meal. You should be using your best servers strategically, while encouraging others to catch up.

You can increase restaurant sales this way by appealing to your customers’ preferences. It is a good idea to hold the water and only bring it out if someone asks for it. Encourage refreshing drinks and cocktails from the bar, and wine pairings are always a must. Always ask whether customers would to start with appetizers, and what types of sides are going to go well with the food. Finally, make sure to ask customers whether they want dessert and after-dinner items like tea and coffee.

Optimize Your Service

Another way to increase restaurant sales is to focus on the quality of your service experience, as it is a huge part of what makes a dining experience memorable. Good service works in tandem with delicious food as well as excellent value and atmosphere. This combination keeps your existing customers coming back, and it helps you take on new customers through word of mouth and positive reviews.

Encourage your staff to put a face on customer service. The more personalized and intimate the service is, the better. Try to retain staff with distinct personalities, and decide on what kind of service you want to represent your brand. Service with character will make you stand out among all of the other restaurants out there.

It helps to have staff meetings so you can get everyone on the same page about what type of service you’re looking to provide your customers, and get everyone on board with strategies to increase restaurant sales. Make sure you have methods in place for synchronizing your staff’s efforts so you can avoid mistakes and miscommunication.

Market Yourself

Other than offering exceptional service, there are so many effective ways to market yourself to get more exposure on the marketplace and attract new customers, especially in the age of the internet. This means providing for online ordering and mobile support to appeal to a wider customer base, engaging in social media, and establishing a presence with online searches using directories and a quality website. There is no need to cede the online realm to competitors.

In terms of your restaurant, the first step is putting together a quality menu that is written well and has offerings that your customers love. It can help to get a professional to contribute to your menu design.

outdoor restaurant menu displayYour pricing and selection can go a long way to increase restaurant sales. It helps to have some higher-priced premium items on the menu in case the customer wants them, which will increase revenue. It also helps to have plenty of mid and lower-range options that you can sell in high quantities to keep revenue flowing. Structuring your menu so that there is something for everyone is certainly an ongoing process, but well worth the work.

Loyalty and rewards programs are also useful to have to keep your first-timers coming back. Provide plenty of incentives for repeat purchases, and throw in a special offer for customers’ birthdays and other similar events. Putting your loyal customers on email lists and keeping everyone connected is an excellent way to keep up return visits and increase restaurant sales.

Address Efficiency

When your restaurant is operating at capacity, you need to make sure you allow for a constant flow of customers in and out of your tables. That doesn’t mean rushing everyone, but it does mean tightening up your services and your background processes so that everything is running smoothly and making sure that none of your customers are waiting too long between food items and bills. Increased efficiency means you get to increase restaurant sales with a greater flow of served customers.

Upgrade Your POS System

Just about everything we have recommended to do thus far can be accomplished much more easily with a next generation mobile POS system. Modern POS software can help you with menu design, upselling options, and online participation with its many built-in features.

A mobile POS system can also greatly improve customer service by helping you keep track of your staff and synchronize their efforts with the kitchen, bar, and one another. Staff can carry around mobile devices from table to table without having to rush back to the kitchen or the register, taking care of orders and transactions on the move.

A mobile POS will help you increase restaurant sales with built-in loyalty and rewards programs, and it will greatly improve the efficiency of your background operations, helping you organically move more customers through your restaurant during the day.

Mobile cloud-based POS systems have many other benefits to offer as well, and make for powerful assistants in improving the competitiveness of your restaurant business.

Why Wait?

Hopefully these tips will prove useful and you can increase restaurant sales and grow your restaurant into a competitive business. If you are interested in upgrading your POS system to give your restaurant that extra edge, feel free to call us at 240-489-2955 for a free evaluation, where we can answer all of your questions. Give us a call today to get serious about increasing sales.

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