iPad Stands

If you want a truly modern and hip checkout counter, we can get you set up with a mobile POS system and iPad POS stands. We help Maryland businesses make the transition with next generation mobile POS systems, and our iPad stands are perfect for mounting an iPad POS on the checkout counter to provide a sleek and up-to-date take on the traditional checkout terminal. We also serve customers in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.Handsome worker posing on the counter with a tablet

Your iPad POS Stand in Maryland

Have you always wanted that slick swiveling iPad stand you’ve seen in the savvy coffee joints and bars? We have several different styles of swiveling iPad stands available in different colors. We also carry a variety of secure stationary enclosures to keep your iPad firmly on the countertop, as well as several types of wall mounts and pole mounts. All of our mounts and enclosures accept integrated credit card processing units for full merchant functionality.

Your environments depends heavily on the type of restaurant or retail business you operate,, and the aesthetic tone of your restaurant or store could place another set of requirements on how you choose to adorn your countertop. We carry a wide variety of shapes and styles designed specifically for coffee shops, bars, food trucks, franchise restaurants, full service restaurants, juice shops, and other types of businesses. Find the POS stands that work best for your own environment.

The Power of Mobile POS

iPad standInstalling an iPad POS stand in your Maryland business will provide a much-needed boost in credibility and aesthetic appeal, but that isn’t the only reason to invest in an iPad POS system. A mobile cloud-based POS system — such as the kind that we provide to our clients — has the potential to revolutionize a business’ customer relations and background processes. Mobile iPad devices allow for unprecedented control of transactions, coordination with kitchens, employee management, report generation, process monitoring, and much more, all from a centralized location on the cloud that is easy for you to access from wherever you are.

Mobile POS devices also allow you to process transactions and take orders from anywhere in your restaurant or store. Gone are the endless lines of frustrated customers at the checkout counter. Now your staff can approach the customer on the floor for a personalized experience.

Get Started with Us Today

At Table Talk Tech, we work with our clients to establish partnerships wherein we seek to assist them in upgrading and maintaining their systems, in order to derive as much benefit as possible from the investment. We offer evaluation, installation, and training services which are formulated to help our clients maximize their mobile POS systems, and we can help you get your iPad POS stand in Maryland all set up with our system. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 to get started with a free evaluation.