Table Talk Tech specializes in helping restaurant and retail businesses make the transition to a next generation iPad POS system in Maryland., D.C., or Northern Virginia. Our POS systems stand at the cutting edge of mobile and cloud-based technologies, and are revolutionizing the way that businesses manage their operations and interact with customers. We provide several types of hardware to facilitate this upgrade, and the Apple iPad makes for a particularly powerful mobile platform for your front of house operations.

Your iPad POS System in MarylandPOS software on Apple iPads

We run Lavu’s excellent POS software on Apple iPads, because these intuitive and versatile devices are perfect for handling your transactions, loyalty programs, customer information, sales offers, employee management, and much more. Our iPads can interface with cash drawers, printers, integrated credit card processors, servers, and other mobile devices to provide a comprehensive POS environment. Mount your iPad on a stationary or pivoting stand to establish the classic checkout station, or carry the iPad around the store or restaurant and take care of your customers’ needs on the dining room or sales floor.

Our systems are ideal for businesses in the foodservice industry, and we tailor each solution to fit each business’ unique needs. We have served franchise restaurants, coffee shops, food trucks, fine dining restaurants, quick serve businesses, and many others. Our POS systems are also ideal for many types of retail businesses.

Why Mobile POS?

Female Owner Using Digital Tablet In CafeWhy would a business upgrade to a mobile iPad POS system? The system definitely lends a contemporary image to your checkout counter, opting to phase out clunky computer systems in favor of sleek and slim iPad’s and streamlined counters. The portability of the iPad also allows you to take orders and process transactions from anywhere on the restaurant or sales floor, which helps to cut down on lines and make customer service more personal.

A cloud-based POS system will allow you to improve and centralize all of your transaction functions, inventory controls, menus, employee management, and reports, making your business operations more efficient and effective. Have complete control over your business and access the functions and data you want from anywhere.

Get Started Now

Now is the time to upgrade to an iPad POS system in Maryland. For businesses looking to make the transition, we offer short-term and long-term financing plans if necessary, and we provide a range of services to help businesses get started. We offer a free evaluation for our clients which determines the unique needs of a particular business, as well as how we can optimize our systems to provide the greatest benefit. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 to get started with this cutting edge mobile POS system.