Kitchen Display

Do you need to upgrade your kitchen display system in Maryland, D.C., or Northern Virginia? Are you looking to revolutionize the way your kitchen takes orders? Table Talk Tech can help. We can set you up with an iPad-based kitchen display, or a kitchen display system that makes use of a traditional KDS controller, bump bar and any size monitor. Our kitchen displays make use of either Lavu KDS or KDS Pro, from the makers of the top mobile point of sale and kitchen display systems on the market.

Your Kitchen Display System

A next-generation kitchen display system offers several features that can dramatically improve the operation of your kitchen. First, it upgrades your communication capabilities throughout the restaurant by directly interfacing with your POS system. Every order that comes in from the front is displayed clearly on the screen, with a ticket timer and color-coded status indicators that show how far along the tickets are. You can also place multiple screens throughout the kitchen wherever you need them, and the status of your orders can be reviewed at the front, allowing your staff to work together much more efficiently. The system is also paperless, so you won’t have to deal with clunky kitchen printers any display system

We have helped many types of restaurant businesses upgrade their kitchen displays. Whether you represent a fine dining restaurant, a quick serve joint, a coffee shop, or a franchise restaurant, you’re sure to find our kitchen display systems indispensable.

Integrate Your Kitchen

Chefs Checking Recipe On Tablet Computer In KitchenThe power of a fully integrated kitchen affords your staff better communication and effectiveness, which improves the overall efficiency of your restaurant operations, and greatly increases your ability to deliver exceptional customer service. This can be done through a fully integrated mobile POS system which is administered over a local server (required for KDS Pro), all of which exists in the cloud. You can work with and monitor your POS system anywhere at any time, and all of your staff are synced up with each other wherever POS devices are being used.

Get Started Today

Table Talk Tech specializes in a full mobile POS system upgrade for restaurant and retail businesses in Maryland. We can help you link up your kitchen display with a central server and a mobile POS device, or even a collection of mobile POS devices. We can help you optimize your mobile POS system and leverage its features to improve your customer service and the efficiency of your business operations. Need an idea of the kind of hardware setup you need to take advantage of the next generation in mobile POS? Give us call today at 240-489-2955 and get started with a free evaluation to gain a better understanding of the benefits possible when you upgrade your kitchen display system in Maryland.