Local Server

For that additional layer of protection for your restaurant or retail business processes, we offer the Lavu Local Server. Cloud-based POS systems are excellent for syncing up all of your essential functions in one central location, but these systems are necessarily at the mercy of a good Internet connection, and of course sometimes technical difficulties are inevitable. A local server enables you to continuously run a majority of your transactional and operational processes even when your Internet connection slows or is dropped.Handsome barman standing at the cash register

Our Local Server Protection

Of course for credit card transactions, an Internet connection is always required so that the transaction can go through, but for everything else, the Lavu Local Server adds resilience to your processes by allowing them to run on a local server, which continuously syncs up with Lavu’s mobile POS cloud servers when there is an Internet connection. Lavu’s server runs on a Mac Mini, and functions as the hub of your POS which can administrate non-credit-card orders, inventory changes, staff activities, business reports, kitchen orders, and other essential tasks with or without an Internet connection.

Lavu local server also provides the additional functionality of a print server. With the print server, all print jobs queue on the Mac Mini rather than within each printer. For high-volume businesses that send a large volume of orders, printers can be overloaded with orders which will eventually get lost. When utilizing the Lavu Local Server print queue, the flow of orders will not be interrupted. Additionally, alerts can be set up to notify a manager if there is an issue with a print job that fails to reach a printer.

A Lavu Local Server is indispensable for many types of restaurant businesses where transactions and orders are moving fast and there is little time for interruptions caused by Internet outages. We have helped full service restaurants, breweries, pizzerias, juice bars, coffee shops, franchise restaurants, and many other types of restaurant businesses get set up with local servers of their own. Our local servers are also a great failsafe for retail stores that can’t afford to have Internet problems affect their daily processes.

Run a Stronger Business

Hand working with a Cloud Computing diagramA cloud-based mobile POS system is the future of restaurant and retail service. All of your most essential transactional and operational processes are synced up with every mobile POS-enabled device you have, and you can access crucial data and manage your business from anywhere you have a connection to the cloud server. A cloud-based mobile POS improves the efficiency of your business, while dramatically increasing the quality of the customer experience. With a Lavu Local Server, you can ensure that your mobile POS system is always working for you and your customers, increasing the effectiveness and strength of your business.

The Lavu Local Server takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a day to completely install and integrate with your POS system, so we recommend making time for it in advance. Table Talk Tech is Lavu certified, and we can help you get your local server up and running and working for your business. We also provide ongoing training and technical support to ensure that our customers are getting the most possible out of their investment. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 and receive a free evaluation so we can determine your needs and get you started.