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Searching for the best POS system on the market can be pretty daunting, and there are many reasons for this. Given that point of sale is such an important component to restaurant and retail business processes – whether they are front-of-house operations or back-end administrative tasks – there are many competing POS device and software solutions available on the market. On top of this, POS systems can offer very complex and feature-rich user environments, and it isn’t always easy to parse out which functions you need and which you can do without.

However you don’t have to feel overwhelmed when searching out the best POS system for you. Table Talk Tech specializes in helping restaurant and retail business make the switch to mobile cloud-based POS. With our extensive restaurant industry experience and technical expertise, we know exactly which systems provide the best solution given the unique conditions of your business. In fact, here are ten good reasons why you should choose our services to help you get situated with an incredibly powerful and feature-packed POS system.

  1. Stay on the Cutting Edge

The hardware and software solutions we provide are next-generation systems that will usher your business into the mobile, cloud-based future. The best POS system we recommend is the Lavu software platform, which works flawlessly on Apple iPads and iPhones. Using Apple iPads, you can establish sleek and stylish terminals with all of the functions you need to facilitate your transactions. With all of your POS functions on the cloud, and thanks to the intuitive touch screen interface, all of your employees can be synced up in real time and kept up to date with sales information, clearances, coupons, customer information, and much more.

Another aspect that makes this the best POS system is that you can link up other iPads and iPhones, which can be fully mobile and deployed throughout your restaurant or retail space, cutting down on lines, improving service, kitchen, and customer interactions, and improving the overall customer experience. We also offer a sophisticated kitchen display system that can change the way your kitchen manages and fulfills orders. What’s more is that all of this is taking place on the cloud, and you can monitor all of it anytime from anywhere.

  1. Choose Your Solution

The best POS system for you is not necessarily the system with all of the bells and whistles – though more is better for certain businesses – but the system that works for your specific needs. With this in mind, we offer businesses four different types of license levels for our software, so you can choose the package that has the features you need for a reasonable price.

The first license level is the 88 plan, which is a basic POS package that contains all of the essential functions a small business needs to get started. The plan provides order tracking, discount and promotion creation, employee and management tools, inventory management, reports, menu customization, payment integrations, time cards, RFID Login, tip entry, and much more. True to its name, the 88 plan is only $88 a month and supports 1 terminal, 1 mobile device, a cash drawer, and 2 printers.

The next license level is the Lavu Silver plan, which is similar to the 88 plan, but you pay $895 for a license, and $39 a month for your subscription. This plan basically has identical software features and supported hardware, but offers an up-front cost and lower monthly payments for the business who can afford the up-front costs, and is looking for an affordable long term solution.

The Gold plan costs $1,495 for a license, and requires a monthly fee of $79. However for the added costs, you get 2 terminals and 10 mobile devices supported, as well as extra features on top of the features offered in the previous two packages, such as self-service, customer management, emailable receipts, and more. This plan also give you the option of adding a Lavu Local Server for a total monthly fee of $149, which adds redundancy and greater stability to your POS network.

The Pro plan is offered at $2,495 for a license, and a monthly fee of $149. This plan allows you to have 3 terminals and 15 mobile devices, and you can add terminals at $20 a device. You get unlimited printers, cash drawers, and user accounts as well. In terms of features, you get comprehensive reporting, advanced printing, Meal Period reports, and Revenue Center tracking to help you maximize your revenue and improve service. This is the most robust and feature-packed plan we offer.

  1. Revolutionize Your Business with Cloud Technology

We offer the best POS system for cloud computing. All of your operations are on the cloud: employee management, inventory tracking, promotions, sales reports, time sheets, order tracking, and other essential functions are all readily accessible from anywhere at any time. Since everything is on a central cloud server, all of your functions are always synced up on any device that accesses your server. Your sales staff or servers have all of the information they need to take orders, while communicating with the kitchen, bartenders, and other servers with ease. Promotions and offers are always at their fingertips, and you can monitor any of this in real time.

Mobile devices, terminals, cash drawers, kitchen displays, and printers are always linked up on the cloud server and communicating. This improves efficiency and communication throughout your entire organization, which has synergistic effects that reinforce each other at every station.

  1. Upgrade Your Customer Service

In terms of your front-of-house operations, choosing the best POS system can revolutionize your customer service in several ways. First, our POS software allows for efficient customer management, sales and clearance alerts for staff, inventory information, communication with the kitchen, and other useful features which speed up and improve ordering, checkouts, staff communication, and other components of the customer experience.

With a mobile POS system, you can take care of all of your ordering and transaction operations on the fly, from anywhere within your restaurant or retail space. In restaurants, servers can traverse tables with ease, taking orders and sending them straight to the kitchen, while taking care of customer transactions seamlessly and effortlessly, without having to run back and forth within the physical space.

The same is the case in a retail environment. With a mobile POS system, your sales staff can interact directly with customers on the floor, helping them with purchases and checking out, cutting down on lines and providing customers with a face-to-face shopping experience. With happy and impressed customers, the benefits are compounded: customer loyalty increases, return visits increase, new customers come in through word of mouth, and revenue increases in turn.

  1. Improve Business Operations

In competitive industries, factors like efficient staff communication, smooth logistics, and effective management are all absolutely essential. You have to maintain a well-oiled operation to provide worthwhile goods and services. By choosing the best POS system for your business, you are improving your business operations tenfold. Cloud-based POS systems can help you streamline and rationalize your operations, while syncing everything to the cloud allows for coordination among staff and a constant stream of actionable information in real time.

With a mobile cloud based POS, you get full access to updated sales reports, detailed inventory reporting, staff activity, order statuses, cash register positions, employee payroll management, and much more. Everything you need to administer your business is right at your fingertips, and accessible from anywhere thanks to cloud technology.

  1. Packed with Features

So far you’ve probably gathered that our mobile POS systems are absolutely packed with features, and there is a good reason for that. By having everything you need to administer your business and serve your customers on one centralized system, it makes operating your business that much easier. We’ve already talked about some of the features that our system provides. Let’s take a quick walk-through of the many features you can expect from the best POS system for you.

On the front end, you have fully integrated payment processing with your choice of a secure payment gateway service, which we will elaborate on below. Everything you need to take care of your customers is accounted for: customer profiles, gift card support, loyalty programs, suggested sales and clearances, tipping, discounts, custom payment amounts, order notes, split checks, and anything else you need to serve your customers. There are also tools for managers to take care of voids and refunds and transfer orders.

Setting up the best POS system also provides myriad back-end and operational features that are sure to improve the efficiency of your business processes tenfold. Manage employee shifts, adjust pay levels, organize employees into classes, generate comprehensive reports, customize your menu, manage your inventory, handle time cards and payroll, take care of overtime adjustments, implement Happy Hour pricing, and more.

On top of everything, you can add even more functions if you need them with extensions to the software. The features available to you vary with the license level that you select, but rest assured, each of our license levels offers myriad functions that help you accomplish everything you need to for your business. This isn’t even an exhaustive list of the features available on our POS system, but we did cover quite a bit of ground.

  1. Easy to Use

So far, it may sound like an advanced mobile POS system may be feature-rich, but complex and difficult to use as a result. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. If you are seeking out the best POS system on the market, ease of use should be one of your top priorities. If all of your staff aren’t completely proficient with the software and working together to run an incredible business and satisfy customers, then what is the point?

Our mobile POS systems are built for the intuitive touch-screen style of the Apple iPad and iPhone, and the interface is designed to be easy to use for anyone who picks it up. Our menu systems are easy to navigate, and the myriad features are readily available with a swipe of the finger. All of the essential functions you need are available across devices, and you can access the system from just about anywhere, as everything takes place on a centralized, synchronized cloud server.

  1. Flexible Payment Options

Our POS solution provides for both standalone credit card terminals and fully integrated credit card processing. Standalone credit card terminals operate independently from your mobile POS terminal and usually work through a separate phone line. These types of terminals are great for smaller businesses like food trucks who want to keep their payments simple.

However a comprehensive integrated credit card processing solution is definitely the way to go if you want to offer robust payment options to your customers right from your mobile POS terminal. This is the best POS system configuration you can go with if you are looking to get on board with the next generation of payment options. Integrated credit card payment processing comes in the form of a card reader that attaches via USB to your mobile device.

Integrated credit card processing takes place over an Internet connection, and the transaction security is handled by various payment gateways which encrypt the credit card information. The types of payment gateway services we support are Mercury, Bridgepay/TGate, Heartland, MerchantWARE, and USAePay. Together each of these services supports card readers such as the iDynamo, uDynamo, Linea Pro, Infinea Tab, ID Tech USB Reader, Blue Bamboo Mfi P25-M, iMag Pro, and others. Of course the supported card reader depends on the payment gateway service you are using.

The best POS systems will also support EMV technology, which provides for better credit card payment encryption and protection against credit card fraud. And we can’t forget Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and other NFC technologies which allow customers to make payments with a mere swipe on their smartphones, which our POS systems can support.

The bottom line is that we offer multiple payment options and services, so our clients can find the POS setup that works for them. The credit card payment flexibility also extends to you, allowing you to give your customers the variety of payment options that they have come to expect, as well as the payment security they deserve.

  1. Continuous Support

We understand that even the best POS systems have a slight learning curve, and technical issues are going to be found in every electronic system on the market. That is why we offer robust and ongoing technical support for all of our clients, to ensure that their POS investments are at peak operation and are providing a maximum return.

We provide a wealth of training videos and technical support material so our clients are never left in the dark in regards to their POS system. If that isn’t enough, we also provide face-to-face technical support and training in which our experienced technicians come out and troubleshoot your POS system, or otherwise train your staff to use our systems with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our support extends to both our software and our hardware. Having trouble navigating the software, or are you coming across any bugs? We can help you out both through online support and personalized support with our technicians. If it is a hardware issue, we can come right out and take a look at the system and determine what needs to be fixed.

On top of technical support and training services, we offer our extensive experience in the restaurant industry as a valuable resource for our clients. We can also help you determine what type of POS system is appropriate for your needs, given the unique nature of your own business. Below we will elaborate on those services.

Finally, if your business needs help raising the capital to get started with a new POS system, we can help you with a short term or long term financing plan, thanks to our partnerships with various dependable lenders.

All in all, you could buy the best POS system on the market and it won’t do you any good if you and your staff are having trouble using it, or it is not working properly. The wealth of support services we offer are intended to keep your cutting edge POS system functioning optimally, so you can get the greatest benefit out of your investment.

  1. Get Fully Set Up

We use our extensive restaurant industry experience, as well as our technical experience, to help you determine the best POS system for your business. Our team will come right to your restaurant or retail location and provide a free consultation to determine the proper number of iPads, iPhones, or iPods you need to maximize the quality and the efficiency of your customer service. Other components we will recommend are cash drawers, printers, kitchen display systems, and a wireless hub to tie them all together in a network.

Which brings us to our networking services. Setting up a network infrastructure can be a demanding task, especially for a small business owner that is busy running his or her business. It really helps to have a professional design and develop your network to ensure a robust and efficient network for your POS system, and for your business operations in general.

We can help you design a proper network and configure all of the proper hardware you need, as well as establish sound network security with safeguards such as backup files, firewall protection, and router protection. We can also help you manage and maintain your network so it continues to work for you well into the future of your business. If you need an additional layer of protection, we can set you up with the Lavu Local Server if you choose a Gold or Pro plan, which provides a localized server that can keep your data and most of your functions up and running if the Internet goes down. Then everything just syncs up when you’re online again.

We specialize in installing POS systems so that we can get our clients up and running with their systems working exactly as they should, right out of the box. After we have determined the proper setup you will require, our team can schedule an installation, which can take hours or a full day depending on the complexity of the system. We can also customize your iPad, iPhones, and iPods with branded cases to further improve the presentation of your restaurant or retail environment.

So to top off our services, we can help you determine the best POS system setup for your business, e to provide next-generation, mobile cloud-based POS systems to help our clients revolutionize their businesses, but we also want to make sure our clients are off to a strong start with their systems working as they should, which in the long run will save you time and money, and help you get the most out of your investment.

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So we have just concluded a fairly extensive – but not exhaustive – list of the numerous benefits that can be had if you choose Table Talk Tech to assist you in your mobile POS upgrade. Sometimes choosing the best POS system for your restaurant or retail business means not only choosing the best hardware and software on the market, but building a lasting relationship with an experienced professional that has your interests in mind, who can help you make the transition to a next generation POS system and get the most out of that investment. Otherwise you just have a bunch of powerful software and hardware sitting and gathering dust.

Are you ready to make the transition? We’re ready to assist you, and we proudly serve customers throughout Maryland, D.C., and northern Virginia.. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 and we’ll schedule a free consultation.


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