Loyalty Card

For the business seeking that competitive edge, Table Talk Tech offers a next-generation POS system with loyalty rewards in MD, northern Virginia, and DC. The loyalty business model is always a good bet for retaining customers and encouraging repeat visits. By providing excellent food, service, and products, and by creating an inviting environment, you ensure that customers become loyal to your business and return more frequently. However, many businesses prefer to go further and introduce a loyalty card, which offers additional benefits for loyal service and encourages a greater connection with customers. And of course, customers are all too happy to receive the discounts and reward points.

Your Loyalty Card

Table Talk Tech’s loyalty card system is the go-to solution for businesses seeking a POS system with loyalty rewards in MD. Our cutting-edge mobile POS system features full support for loyalty cards right out of the box; all you have to do is get your own card-and-reward structure set up the way you want it. You can choose the loyalty program that works best with your business’ needs. Our POS system has flexible options and you can choose from celebrated loyalty programs such as LoyalTree and Mercury Loyalty, with other options available as well.

You can access all of your loyalty functions right through your POS interface, and of course many businesses – and customers – prefer to have a loyalty card, which can be easily synced up with your loyalty program functions. Depending on the loyalty program you opt to use, you can also collect essential information on your customers’ preferences to improve their experiences in the loyalty program.

Why Start a Loyalty Program?

There are many great reasons to offer a loyalty card, all of which can be summed up within the name itself: loyalty. Loyalty cards provide your customers with an incentive to return to your business time and time again, thereby affording you a competitive edge. Build relationships, bolster your brand, and get people truly excited about what you have to offer. You can also use loyalty cards as a means of market research, which allows you to discover and better cater your business to your prime demographics.

Get Set Up

We understand that setting up an entirely new POS system is a taxing undertaking, and you already have plenty to think about when running a business. That is why we offer our services to help you get set up. We are here to evaluate your business for the hardware you need, which we then help install with all of the necessary software functions. We can also help you set up your POS network and any additional systems you need. We’ll make sure your loyalty rewards cards are up and working for your customers, and we provide constant client training and support.

Start Today

Ready to set up your POS system with loyalty rewards in MD? Table Talk Tech can walk you through every step you need to take to have your next generation POS system and your loyalty program fully functional. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 and we’ll give your business a free evaluation to determine the optimal hardware setup, and further elaborate on the benefits a new POS system can provide for you. Get started now!