Menu Retail Programming

Menu Retail Programming

Would you rather focus on running your business than programming and maintaining your menu and pricing in your POS?? We can help to take the load off your valuable time. Let us program and maintain your menu and pricing. All we need is your menu, your modifications, and forced modifiers. Are you not sure what a modifier is or a forced modifier? Let one of our trained menu technicians walk through your menu to best layout how to set up your menu so your order takers never forget to ask a customer exactly what they need again.

Have your wait staff up sell and paint the picture our your delicious master pieces by providing them the tools they need to describe each unique dish on your menu. Show off beautiful pictures of the menu items that you cherish and love. Include unique wine or beer pairings in the description of each menu item.

These are some of the many ideas that our menu technicians have assisted business owners with to help to create more value and profit for your business.

Table Talk Technologies assesses our clients menus and identifies the package necessary for All we need is for you to:

  • Count the menu items on your menu.
  • Change the quantity above from 1 to include the amount of menu items on your entire menu
  • Upload a pdf, word document or excel spreadsheet of your menu
  • Email us your POSLavu administrative login and password

Next one of our menu technicians will review your menu to determine the best way to lay it out online.

What is included:

  • 1 menu programming assessment and planning session with one of our technicians to determine the best layout, modifiers and forced modifiers
  • Programming each menu category
  • Programming each menu item within each category
  • Programming the price of each menu item
  • Programming the description of each menu item when provided
  • Attaching a photograph of the menu item (provided by client or contact us about having professional food photography of your menu by a local photographer) or can attempt to find the closest matching free stock image to represent the menu item.
  • 2 free batch updates of the menu pricing as needed within 1 year
  • Weekly ‘special’ updates of up to 5 menu items for 6 months ( including description, photograph (when provided by client), and pricing)