Merchant Services

Merchant Services

Table Talk Tech provides top-of-the-line POS merchant services in Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia, proudly serving restaurants, bars, coffee shops, food trucks, and many other types of businesses in the food and retail industries. We have become Lavu Certified Specialists in order to provide the top POS software on the market for our clients. We offer our merchant solutions on the latest iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone hardware for ease of use and network connectivity, so you can handle all of your front-of-house and back-of-house operations in one integrated and easy-to-use system.


Cutting-Edge Merchant Services

Payment processing couldn’t be easier with our cutting-edge merchant services.

  • First, a customer begins a transaction using your available POS hardware. They can:
    • Swipe their credit card along a magnetic stripe connected to your iPad or other mobile POS device
    • Make a contactless transaction via NFC. We currently support a variety of contactless payment options, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and PayPal Mobile.
    • Insert their EMV chip into your EMV device.
  • Your software transmits the payment to your selected merchant processor, via a secure payment gateway that encrypts all sensitive information and prevents third-party interception. We offer multiple levels of encryption for our POS systems, including:
    • E2E encryption. Credit card transactions can never be intercepted by a third-party during transmission.
    • Tokenization. All sensitive data is encrypted using “tokens,” which substitute sensitive information with harmless identifiers, ensuring that private information is never vulnerable.
  • The merchant processor instantly approves the encrypted transaction and transmits the information back to your software. Your work is done.

We can provide everything you need to administer transactions, interact with customers, and keep on track with your accounting needs. Our services allow for full credit card integration through an iPad or iPhone POS and card reader, which handles payments through secure gateways over the Internet for lightning-fast payment transfers and reduced errors. This service allows you to work with several types of merchant account services such as Mercury, Heartland, and BridgePay payment gateway (which connects to virtually any payment processor), so you can use the processor that works best with your business.

We also offer non-integrated credit card processing, in case you prefer a standalone credit card terminal that connects to your local area network or phone line. Our services include numerous alternatives so you can implement the solution that suits the operations of your business.

Need to keep your customers engaged with your brand? We also provide gift card solutions and loyalty programs that you can access right from your POS system. Our POS functions also include printer integration, so you’ll have no problem processing receipts. Finally, all of your accounting functions can be integrated right into your POS system, so you have full control of your business operations from one central system. Our POS merchant services in Maryland are designed from the ground up to make your business processes as accurate, efficient, and seamless as possible.

Exceptional Services

Table Talk Tech not only provides fully integrated — and nonintegrated — merchant services for our customers, but also a comprehensive service that helps you set up a fully functional and effective POS system. Our professionals can help you set up a network, develop menus and retail pricing, finance your system, set up your POS hardware, learn your software, and get your merchant services up and running. We also provide ongoing training and customer support for your convenience.

Start Today

Revolutionize your business operations with our cutting-edge POS systems. Our POS merchant services in Maryland are carefully developed to provide your business with everything you need to conduct transactions, keep up to date on your books, and receive payments. We’re willing to match any rates available, so if you find a better deal on a comparable POS, please let us know.

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