Integrated Credit Card Processing

For integrated credit card processing in MD, DC, and northern Virginia, Table Talk Tech’s cutting-edge POS system has no equal. We implement Lavu’s leading POS software, along with advanced hardware such as Apple iPads and iPhones,and integrated card readers to provide secure and responsive payment systems through Gateways over the Internet. Handle all of your payments right from an iPad for a sleek and stylish register.

Cloud-based POS systems have ushered in a revolution in restaurant and retail service, and our integrated credit card processing in MD is changing the way local businesses are operating. Our iPads operate over a network, and are completely portable. You can also use an iPhone or an iPod Touch with a card reader for maximum portability. Wait staff can move from customer to customer, taking orders and closing bills without ever having to go to the kitchen. Sales staff in retail can approach customers and close sales right on the sales floor, cutting down on register lines.

Next Generation Processing

Our integrated payment solutions provide a comprehensive system for customer payments, allowing you to combine card readers, accounting software, printers, and other functions into one easy-to-use interface. Integrated payment processing is incredibly fast and reliable, cutting down on errors and charge-backs.

Our solution is equipped with all of the features you need, including the ability to add on tips and signatures to your payments. Running a bar? Gain the ability to start tabs. Want to start a gift card program for your restaurant or retail business? Integrated credit card processing can handle gift cards as well.

What’s more, our credit card processing solution allows you to choose your own merchant processor, so you can customize your payment system to suit the needs of your business. Choose from trusted providers such as Mercury for a directly integrated processor and gateway, or connect with virtually any processor using Bridgepay.

Service You Can Trust

We understand how intimidating it can be to completely upgrade your business’ POS, especially considering how many functions you can migrate over to contemporary cloud-based POS systems. Table Talk Tech provides services that help businesses upgrade to integrated credit card processing in MD, and we help businesses make the transition to all of our other POS services through hardware and software upgrades, network installations, software training, hardware support, and much more.

Integrated Payment Security

At Table Talk Tech, we provide a highly secure solution by implementing the following technologies:

  • E2E encryption. Credit card transactions can never be intercepted by a third-party during transmission.
  • Tokenization. All sensitive data is encrypted using “tokens,” which substitute sensitive information with harmless identifiers, ensuring that private information is never vulnerable.
  • EMV. The EMV global payment system is already poised to revolutionize data security, and Table Talk Tech is ahead of the curve, as an early adopter of EMV technology.
  • Contactless payments.
    • Apple Pay
    • Android Pay
    • PayPal Mobile

Our parent company, Zephyr Hardware, is also a PCI Security Standard Council certified QIR (Qualified Integrator and Reseller). We are one of only 10 companies in the world to have this certification.

Start Today

Usher your business into the cutting edge of cloud-based computing and mobile POS. Table Talk Tech can help you upgrade to integrated credit card processing, and you won’t have to struggle through lengthy and complicated hardware upgrades and software learning-curves; we’ll help you every step of the way. Give us a call now at 240-489-2955 and get started with your new POS system today!