Non-Integrated CC Processing

For businesses seeking reliable credit card payment processing in Maryland, DC, or northern Virginia, Table Talk Tech provides the top performing POS systems on the market. We provide everything from fully integrated mobile POS terminals with USB card readers to non-integrated processing units and the required implements. We work with many different types of restaurant and retail businesses, and we can a fashion a solution that fits your own unique needs.

Couple paying for shopping with credit cardNon-Integrated Processing

Our available range of services includes setting up non-integrated credit card processing for businesses that require it. Non-integrated credit card processing units are great for small businesses and businesses looking to keep a backup to their integrated credit card processing units. Integrated credit card processing is typically conducted over payment gateways on the Internet, whereas non-integrated systems make use of phone lines to transfer data directly to credit card processors.

Food trucks, small cafes, bars, quick serves, juice bars, pizzerias, and other small businesses are especially interested in our non-integrated credit card processing systems, though of course we serve many other types of businesses as well. Some business are looking for a simpler standalone solution for their payment processes. Also, Internet-based credit card processing systems are subject to the occasional outage, and many businesses look for a non-integrated backup just in case this scenario plays out. No matter your business type or needs, we will fashion your own personalized system.

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Our non-integrated units are high-quality, reliable systems that serve as a fundamental part of a business’s transaction operations. When you call us, we send experienced professionals to evaluate your business and determine exactly what hardware and software setup you need. Our passion is maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of a business’s transactional and administrative processes, and if a non-integrated solution is the right fit for you, we will make sure it is properly installed and working for you.

Customer Paying In Coffee Shop Using TouchscreenBesides our non-integrated credit card processing units, we also offer fully integrated cloud-based mobile POS systems, and we help many types of restaurant and retail businesses make the transition to the next generation of POS. As part of our credit card payment processing in Maryland, we provide comprehensive install services, as well as ongoing technical support and training to ensure that you’re always getting what you need from our systems.

If you have any questions about our services, our next generation mobile POS systems, or our non-integrated credit card processing units, give us a call at 240-489-2955. If you’re interested, we’ll set up a free evaluation to determine the particular needs of your business. Get started with us today and see what our systems can do for you.