POS Hardware

When it comes to upgrading your POS system, it is important to invest in quality hardware, just as it is important to invest in quality software. You want reliable hardware that makes interfacing with the software come naturally, and which is integrated into your technology network so that everything runs smoothly and in sync. Table Talk Tech specializes in installing quality restaurant POS hardware in Maryland and beyond. We also work with retail spaces as well.

We offer professionals who have extensive experience planning and running restaurants, and we are here to usher our clients into the bright future of cloud-based mobile POS as smoothly as possible. Some of our upgrade projects take only a couple of hours to get all of the point of sale restaurant hardware installed and the software set up, depending on the complexity of the task. Let’s take a look at the hardware involved in this process.

POS Terminals

Setting up a solid POS terminal is central to our work. The terminal is where all of the essential employee-to-customer operations happen, and having a smooth and reliable terminal is critical to quality customer service. We’ve seen outmoded printers, clunky cash drawers, unstable networks, and buggy software lead to constant delays and disruptions in service, hurting the customer experience. There comes a time when old hardware needs to be updated. Plus an upgraded POS system provides all sorts of new features and advantages that vastly improve the customer experience.

Printers –

When we set up our restaurant POS hardware in Maryland, we recommend two types of printers. Both types are reliable, but their contrasting features are appropriate for different environments. Thermal printers are ideal for front of house operations, as they tend to be quiet. They have fewer moving parts for reliability, and the thermal paper does not require printer ink or ribbon. Impact printers are ideal for kitchen and bar operations; their noisiness helps to alert staff when orders are coming in. They are also not heat sensitive, so they can function in a hot kitchen atmosphere. As a certified Epson Envision Partner, we can equip you with the best hardware to meet your needs, and provide you the benefit of our unparalleled expertise in installing and implementing your new printers.

Cash Drawers

A reliable cash drawer is essential to your point of sale restaurant hardware. We outfit clients with dependable and affordable APG cash drawers that feature multifunction locks, drawer status reporting, and printer connections.


The Lavu POS software that we use for our POS systems is designed to run on iOS devices such as Apple iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones. For POS hardware, iPads are unbeatable for their ease of use, versatility, and networking capabilities. An iPad terminal can be mounted, fitted with card readers, connected to printers and cash drawers, and much more. Each type of iOS device is also capable of acting as a mobile terminal for flexible order taking and customer interaction. An iPad also makes it exceptionally easy to interface with the POS software for easy touch navigation.

iPad Stands

Part of our installation of restaurant POS hardware in Maryland includes durable iPad stands to give your POS terminal a cutting-edge look that your customers and competitors will envy. Our stands feature stylish aesthetics which are available in multiple colors. You can also opt for a flip or spinning stand if you choose, so customers can review the order and sign.

Integrated Credit Card Terminal

We can set you up with integrated card readers which attach to your iPad, and are compatible with the iPad stands you choose. Just plug one into your iPad and you’ll be checking customers out in no time. Whether you are swiping a mag-stripe, inserting an EMV chip or tapping an NFC device on your credit card terminal, we’ve got you covered.

Kitchen Display

An upgraded kitchen display works wonders for organization and efficiency in the kitchen. Using Lavu’s Kitchen Display System software, we can set your kitchen up with an iPad monitor, or a full-sized TV monitor with Lavu’s KDS Pro. A kitchen display can take orders from any POS mobile device on your network and provide your kitchen staff with clearly organized order tickets, without the need for cumbersome printers.

Local Server

When we instal hardware, we also want to be sure that the network that all of the hardware is functioning on is reliable and stable. If you opt for the Gold or Pro accounts with Lavu’s POS software, the Lavu Local Server becomes available. The Local Server runs on a Mac Mini, and adds an additional layer of security by providing a local server that can continue to process non-credit orders in case your Internet connection goes down.

Standalone Credit Card Terminals

We also offer standalone credit card terminals if you choose. Keep your card reader separate from your physical POS setup if it works better for your restaurant or store arrangement. We have all of the point of sale restaurant hardware options you require.


Implied in all of this exciting hardware is a robust network that ties everything together and keeps everything synchronized. We can provide you with all of the necessary routers, Apple Airport stations, gigabit switches, and cables required to get your network up and running.

Network Design

Not sure how to set up your technology network so it is providing maximum benefit? An important component to our installations is our network design services. We can evaluate the layout and flow of your restaurant and determine what type of hardware setup would be best for you to get the most out of your POS system.

Get Started with the Best Restaurant POS Hardware in Maryland

Are you ready to give your point of sale restaurant hardware an overhaul? We can custom-tailor each hardware installation to meet the unique needs of the customer. Table Talk Tech has extensive experience setting up restaurant POS hardware in Maryland and throughout the nation, and we can take care of all of your software needs as well. Give us a call today and schedule a free evaluation for your business.