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When it comes to increasing business for your restaurant operation, upgrading your POS system probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However next generation POS systems for restaurants are actually incredibly effective at improving customer satisfaction, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations, and increasing overall business and revenue. This is because of the way in which mobile cloud-based POS systems completely change the quality of how your business operates, and how you relate to customers.

In this article, we’ll go over the ways in which POS systems for restaurants can completely change both your front-of-house operations and your back-end operations for the better. We can also discuss how these changes can contribute to increased business and a growing revenue that comes with it.

Improved Customer Service

There are ways for restaurants to provide a truly unique menu selection that can’t be had anywhere else, but it is also true that there are many restaurants competing today, and there is a lot of good food out there. What many customers are looking for in addition to great food is great service and an overall memorable dining experience.

There are of course many ways to do this, but next-generation POS systems for restaurants have the unique advantage of introducing several improvements to customer service all at once. Mobile cloud-based POS systems feature full functionality on mobile devices, which are all constantly synced up and in communication with each other, which in turn are in constant communication with the kitchen. What this means is that your servers can go from table to table with a mobile device and never have to visit a terminal, or run to the back, except to pick up food if need be.

Your servers can take orders and send them straight to the kitchen, and then process credit cards right at the table, emailing your customers’ their receipts or sending them to a printer, all without skipping a beat. Upgraded POS systems for restaurants result in shorter wait times, increased staff communication, a reduction in errors between front of house staff and the kitchen, and a dramatically improved customer experience overall.

Efficient Operations

A next-generation POS system will also greatly tighten up your administrative operations, which affords you and your staff more time and energy to put into the dining experience itself. Cloud-based POS systems synchronize employee tasks and communication, provide updated inventory information in real time, generate comprehensive reports, handle payroll tasks, accept online orders, and much more.

POS systems for restaurants allow for a fully integrated administrative process that is constantly synced with your front-of-house operations, which results in fewer mistakes, fewer misunderstandings, and greater efficiency. You have constant access to your administrative operations and the data that goes with it, as it is all up on a centralized server in the cloud which can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection.

A smoother operation affects both your bottom line and the overall feel of your restaurant. Happier staff and more efficient operations mean a better customer experience and a greater proportion of revenue going to worthwhile aspects of your business.

A Stronger Kitchen

Mobile cloud-based POS systems for restaurants can also connect with modern cloud-based kitchen display systems, which amounts to both a stronger kitchen and a more responsive wait service. Modern kitchen displays can wirelessly receive orders from wait staff, which come with late order notifications, information on closed-orders, responsive communication, and more. Wireless kitchen displays also eliminate the need for printers.

With your kitchen operating at peak form, your wait staff can get customers their orders with precision and speed, which allows your wait staff to operate at peak form as well, delivering exceptional customer service in turn.

More Business and Revenue

As you can see, next-generation POS systems for restaurants address several components of your restaurant at once, tightening them up and allowing them to work together more efficiently and in sync. Front-end customer service is improved, back-end business administration is rationalized and made more efficient, and the kitchen is strengthened.


What all of this amounts to is satisfied customers who are going to keep returning to your restaurant again and again. A reputation of good service spreads quickly by word of mouth, so all of your loyal customers are going to bring in more customers, who are quickly going to become loyal as well because your food and service is so great. This is especially true if your exceptional service comes with the type of novel experience that is found with mobile cloud-based POS. In fact, this cutting-edge service tends to be highly marketable, allowing you to drive in more customers and further increase your revenue.

Get Started Today

Now it is more clear: upgrading POS systems for restaurants can have beneficial compounding effects on customer service, which drives more business and greatly increases revenue. So what are you waiting for? Experience what the next generation of mobile cloud-based POS technology has to offer.

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