Table Talk Tech offers the most comprehensive restaurant POS services in Maryland. We don’t just help restaurants and retailers upgrade and install their POS systems, we offer a wide range of useful services that ensure a complete POS solution geared to serve all of your customers’ payment needs. Below is a list of our offered POS services in Maryland.

POS Consultation/Design
We can evaluate your restaurant and determine the required hardware and software functions, and then set it all up for you so it runs perfectly. Evaluations are free, so give us a call to get started with one!

POS Menu Design

We assist in the actual menu design of your POS. We have a team of professionals who are experienced in designing restaurant layouts, creating menus, and running restaurant operations. We could help you design a POS menu that works perfectly with all of your operations and layout, so that all of your POS functions can be executed smoothly.

POS Installation

One of our crucial services is the actual install of your POS system. Different system setups imply various levels of complexity; we’ve been able to install simpler systems in a variety of hours. Whatever the nature of your POS upgrade, we’ll have it up and running as quickly and effectively as possible.


POS Training

If you require a more personalized training process than our training videos and documentation can offer, we provide face-to-face training services, as well as web training to help you and your staff get acclimated to the POS software and its many functions. You can opt for this training in the initial setup, or request it at a later time.

POS Support

Our services wouldn’t be of any use to you if you were having trouble using the system, or the system wasn’t working properly. We offer full support services for our POS system.
Merchant Services.

Merchant Services

Our merchant services provide extra features and functionality to your POS system that allow you to operate as a full-fledged business, as well as provide you with the ability to offer additional benefits and perks to your customers.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Don’t have a method of credit card processing yet, or are you looking to switch to another service? Our restaurant POS services in Maryland feature an integrated credit card processing solution that can be accessed through your new POS terminal and card reader. Integrated credit card processing is done through the Internet, and requires a payment gateway to facilitate the transfer of the card information to the payment processor.
Payment security is our top priority, and that’s why we go well above and beyond industry standards to ensure that your information is safe. Lavu and TTT utilize 100% PCI-compliant hardware and payment gateways, so you can rest easy. Lavu never sees any sensitive credit card data, thereby securing CC data in transit and at rest. Secure in-transit with E2E (end to end) encryption at the time of swiping a credit card and at rest utilizing tokenization.

Payment Gateway Services

If you are using integrated credit card processing, we can set you up with a PCI compliant payment gateway that securely transfers the card information to a payment processor. Payment gateways are required for credit card orders that are conducted over the Internet.


Gift Card

Need a gift card program? We can provide you with your own gift card solution through our restaurant POS services in Maryland.

Loyalty Card

Keep your customers coming back with our loyalty card solution, which we will gladly set up for you as part of our services.

Loyalty Program

In addition to setting up a loyalty card for you, we can start you with a loyalty program that tracks customer visits and purchases, and rewards them for frequent dining or purchasing with discounts or points.

Apple Pay – Other NFC Technology

Near field communication (NFC) technology is the wave of the future. This technology allows your customers to pay with their smartphones with a mere flick of the wrist, so long as their phone is in close proximity to the reader. We can even set you up with NFC programs like Apple Pay, PayPal mobile or Android Pay.

Non-Integrated CC Processing

If you are using a standalone credit card terminal, we can provide you with a non-integrated credit card processing method. Non-integrated terminals are usually connected to phone lines, and aren’t conducted over the Internet like their integrated alternatives. Whichever method you prefer, we have a solution for you as part of our restaurant POS services in Maryland.

Rate Analysis

Don’t overpay for your credit card processing services. Processing fees can seriously eat into your revenue if they are too high for the services you are getting. We can provide a rate analysis which determines whether the rates you are paying are fair, or whether you should look into switching to another service.

Payroll Service

Our POS services in Maryland include a payroll service which helps keep track of all of your employees’ pay, as well as payroll taxes and other important functions.


There is no need to pay for your POS system all at once. Table Talk Tech has partnered with Direct Capital and Affirm to offer excellent financing services to help you upgrade your business.

Short Term

Short term loans usually have a maturity of a year or less, and are perfect for smaller businesses, or businesses that have seasonal expenses, or need to meet expenses before credit card payments are received. We can help you with short term financing if you require.

Long Term

Long term financing generally features loans that last longer than a year. If you need to take your time making payments for your POS system, we can help you out.

Food Service Design / Consulting

Our professionals have extensive experience planning, designing, and running restaurants. As part of our restaurant POS services in Maryland, we’d be happy to share our knowledge and skills with you to design the ultimate food service establishment.

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