Table Talk Tech provides professional consulting and installation of restaurant POS software in Maryland, and we can also set up useful software for your kitchen management and accounting needs. We set up networks too if you need help getting all of your software integrated in one system.

Below you’ll find descriptions of all of the software packages that we offer, so you can start thinking about what might be best for you. Every business owner is looking for the package that is going to provide the maximum functionality for their needs, given the price. We also offer free consultations in which we review the layout and processes of your business and help you decide on the software that does the most work for your setup.

POS Software

Modern mobile POS or mPOS software has the power to transform your restaurant or retail business’ customer relations, and vastly improve the efficiency and organization of your processes. Table Talk Tech specializes in setting up restaurant POS software in Maryland in order to help restaurant and retail businesses experience the transformative power of mobile POS systems.


If you’re looking to set up restaurant point of sale software in Maryland, it is pretty difficult to beat Lavu’s POS software packages. Lavu is a leading developer of state-of-the-art POS systems, and we’ve been so impressed with their robust and feature-rich platform, we’ve become Lavu Certified Specialists so we can help our customers enjoy the benefits of the software.

When we set you up with your POS restaurant software in Maryland, you’ll be able to take advantage of a powerful app that works on iPad and iPod touch devices. Your restaurant staff will be able to place orders and wirelessly transmit the orders to the kitchen, as well as checkout your customers right there at the table. You can also use the software’s web portal to pull detailed reporting in real time, change your menu, and conduct other administrative tasks, all of which show up as changes on the app itself. A modern POS system uses the power of cloud computing, wireless integration, connected mobile touch devices, and powerful software to provide your restaurant with an efficient and flexible management system.

Different License Levels

When we set clients up with restaurant POS software in Maryland, we have them choose from a number of different license levels. We want you to get the most out of your investment, while getting the functions you need out of your software.



Lavu’s 88 plan only costs $88 a month to operate, thus the name, and there is no need to pay for a license. This is the most basic plan that nevertheless has excellent functionality and a laundry list of features for general restaurant operations, employee and management tools, menu customization, inventory management, reports, function-adding extensions, and payment integrations. This plan allows you to have 1 terminal and 1 mobile device. The 88 license is a solid plan for an affordable price, and is perfect for smaller businesses looking to set up POS restaurant software in Maryland.



The Silver license is similar to the 88, but you pay for an $895 license and then pay only $39 a month for the subscription.They have identical feature sets. This plan provides 1 terminal and 1 mobile device as well.This plan also offers plenty of features for an affordable price.



The Gold plan costs $1,495 for a license, with a monthly fee of $79. This plan provides you with up to 2 terminals and 10 mobile devices, as well as an option to add the Lavu Local Server Software which brings the monthly fee to $149 a month. The Gold plan adds some very useful features, such as self-service mode, customer management, emailable receipts, multiple employee management functions, and much more.



When we set up restaurant POS software in Maryland, the Pro plan is the best plan that we offer. This plan costs $2,495 to license, and the monthly fee is $149. The plan supports up to 3 terminals and 15 mobile devices. There is also an option to add additional terminals at $20 a month each. This plan also includes the Lavu Local Server Software at no additional charge. The Pro plan also features much more robust reporting, advanced printing extensions, and more.

Kitchen Display

Lavu’s Kitchen Display System allows you to take advantage of the benefits of wireless networks and touch screens to make your kitchen operations much more orderly and efficient. Get rid of clunky printers and printer paper altogether and go paperless with KDS Lavu. This program is the perfect complement to your restaurant POS software in Maryland.

KDS Lavu

KDS Lavu works on an iPad and can be connected directly to your POS system, so you can receive your orders wirelessly and without the need for printers. KDS Lavu displays up to 3 orders at a time, and features late order notifications, closed order tracking, real-time communication, and a local area network connection.


KDS Pro is a more advanced program that is designed for larger kitchens. KDS Pro provides all of the features of the KDS platform, while giving you the ability connect to any size monitor. The KDS Pro interface is easy to navigate with a heavy duty bump bar control. When we set up restaurant POS software in Maryland, we highly recommend a KDS setup to integrate your kitchen. KDS Pro requires the use of Lavu Local Server.

Lavu Local Server

The Lavu Local Server is an onsite dedicated server for your Lavu iPad POS system, which is installed on a Mac Mini connected to your network. The Lavu Local Server provides protection from Internet outages and various network disruptions, ensuring your POS system is always available for your customers and functions. Lavu Local Server also allows for other advanced features such as the Lavu Print Queue and KDS Pro functionality.


Accounting Software

We can also set you up with powerful and convenient accounting software powered by Intuit Quickbooks to complement your restaurant POS software in Maryland.

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