Standalone Credit Card Terminals

Table Talk Tech provides quality standalone credit card terminals in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia, designed for businesses seeking a simpler payment processing solution. A standalone terminal is great if you are a smaller business that wants to keep credit transactions separate from your cash drawer. Standalone credit card terminals are also a great option to have on hand as a backup to your integrated payment solution. All you have to do is plug in the card reader unit and follow the instructions for setting it up. Standalone credit card terminals are a popular choice for many types of smaller restaurant and retail businesses.

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Credit Card Terminals in Maryland

Standalone credit card terminals are connected through phone lines or internet connections which would connect to a payment gateway and processor. This provides a simple solution for smaller businesses, and therefore remains a popular choice. Some businesses opt for a standalone credit card terminal to work side by side with their mobile POS system, so they can avoid the issues that can affect integrated credit card processing methods — such as Internet outages. It is a great secondary option for ensuring you are never without the ability to accept a credit card payment.

Our standalone credit card terminals are perfect for smaller foodservice businesses, and their durability and simplicity makes them well suited for quick serve joints, food trucks, smaller coffee shops, pizzerias, and smaller retail operations. We carry a number of different types of standalone credit card terminals that support numerous payment services so you can use the service and hardware that work with your own setup.

A Solution You Could Use

POS terminalWhy choose Table Talk Tech? For starters, we offer a variety of models and services so you can choose the arrangement that best suits your business. Our company is comprised of a team of experienced restaurant professionals, and we can help your business determine the hardware setup that will make the most of the assets you have. If a standalone credit card terminal is all you need, we can set you up with the right one. Or we could set you up with a fully integrated mobile POS system alongside your credit card terminal, fully capable of handling all of your most crucial operations.

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Table Talk Tech offers comprehensive free evaluations in which our restaurant professionals determine the unique hardware and software needs of your particular business, given your assets, available space, and customer base. We can also help you better understand the benefits of a mobile POS system, as well as the benefits of your chosen payment processing system. We’re here to set you up and provide you with the maximum benefit for your investment. Give us a call today at 240-489-2955 for your free evaluation and get started with a mobile POS system and credit card payment system that works for your business.