The New Squonk Rabbit V2

If you are thinking of making some really great e juice with your own machines, you should consider the award winning Dead Rabbit V2 RTA juice maker. The new improved second generation of this line of electric juicers is an excellent option for serious DIY juice makers. There are several different models of V2s and each one is jam packed with great features and great value. This article will review some of the specific differences between the various models in this lineup. I hope that this will help you make a more informed choice when choosing a quality electric juice making machine.

dead rabbit v2

The new dead rabbit v2 is an updated version of their first successful product, the dead rabbit v2. The new dead rabbit v2 has a higher wattage than their older counterpart, which increases the power they can produce. The extra watts provide a significant increase in vapor production, which makes it easier to get that all important, healthy dose of carrot juice or other tasty juices. The new dead rabbit v2 also has a new low resistance kit that makes it easier to work with as well as increasing the quality of the juice produced. The 810 drip tip offers a better filling technique for making more concentrated blends or juices. The high resistance setting is perfect for a vigorous juice maker and will allow you to make thicker and more flavorful drinks.

The new dead rabbit v2 comes complete with a quality two-piece coffee pod assembly which allows you to easily brew your favorite beverages. The pod assembly has been completely redesigned and is easier to use than ever before. The two-piece coffee pod assembly has an inset mesh grinder which provides an excellent grinding mechanism. This grinder keeps your beans from scattering which prevents ground powder from scattering inside your blend and gives you consistent results every time. The mesh also prevents dust from accumulating which can affect the taste of your brew.

Another wonderful addition to the original dead rabbit v2 is the new “510 Adapter”. This adapter bag is very useful in keeping your packets and the wafers clean. You can now easily change out the packets and wafers for any occasions without having to make a trip to your local juicer store. The new adapter bag is very convenient when you are using the dead rabbit v2 but would prefer not to use the included juicer.

The original dead rabbit v2 had some issues with the drip tip and leaking at times, but the v2 version has greatly improved upon this issue. The drip tip now features a rubberized surface for a more secure fit and prevents leakage. It also includes a rubber sleeve that fits inside the mouth of the packet much like the included mesh cover. This rubber sleeve is also helpful in keeping dirt and other particles from getting caught on the inside of the packet and drizzling down into the cup when it is ready to drink. The outer rubber ring around the outer edge of the packet can now be removed to expose the inner spray cup which has been revised to include a larger spray opening compared to prior versions. This allows for a much larger variety of beverages to be poured into the cup, such as soda, juice, or even water.

The original dead rabbit v2 was designed to be brewed on a standard kitchen stove, but due to some design issues the unit was never released. The newer version has a built in micro processor that allows it to be brewed on the stovetop if desired. The built in microprocessor allows you to simply add the necessary water and grains into the hopper and allow the unit to heat up while it continues to brew your beverage. The dual coil system helps keep the brew temperature consistent which eliminates fluctuations which could affect the taste of your brew. The dual coil system is very efficient at eliminating air pockets which would otherwise cause foaming or boiling over. Also, because of the way the system works, it is more likely to produce a consistent cup of coffee.

One of the most common complaints about the original dead rabbit v2 was the tendency for the plunger to come out too soon after adding the first few ounces. This is no longer an issue with the Squonk variant. The new Squonk brew process allows the plunger to stay on longer due to the built in valve which prevents the air pocket from forming while the Squonk is in progress. Also, another benefit of the Squonk is that it is now available in two varieties, one with an anti-bacterial drip tip and another without. The anti-bacterial feature of the Squonk is great for anyone who enjoys drinking their coffee fresh and has not had the opportunity to experience the unpleasantness of left over coffee. Also, the longer lasting life of the Squonk is great news for anyone who needs a machine with an extended shelf life.

In addition to all of the above benefits there are also a few minor differences worth noting. The original version of the dead rabbit v2 was limited to working with only one centered brewing deck, but the newer Squonks have been made available with two or even three centered brewing decks. Also, both variations can now use larger diameter holes for drip cups instead of the smaller plastic plugs. The new Squonks also feature squonk wraps around the exterior of the base which, while a little more expensive, is also helps to reduce surface area for bacteria growth. While the change in the cups is mostly a cosmetic change, it does help to address one of the main shortcomings of the original model.