The AEGIS Vaporizer From GeekVape Reviewed

geekvape aegis vape

The new geekvape AEGIS vaporizer represents a new milestone in the world of electronic cigarettes. Like the original AEG, the Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer delivers an extremely powerful vapor delivery system, while also boasting a wide variety of features not found on any other vaporizer on the market today. There are several different models of the AEGIS vaporizer to choose from, but each model is engineered with the user in mind. You can choose from a single flavor vaporizer, a two Flavor AEGIS vaporizer or even a three Flavor unit which offers a wider selection of vapor producing flavors.

As with all vaporizers the unit is comprised of a battery, a metal body and an air vent. The major difference between the AEGIS vaporizer and most other units on the market is the high wattage output of its unit. The Geekvape AEGIS Vaporizer w/ 800mah battery is equipped with a high wattage output that is unprecedented in the industry. The actual wattage output of the AEGIS Vaporizer varies slightly from model to model, but it is capable of producing a massive amount of vapor for a small amount of wattage output.

The AEGIS vaporizer utilizes a revolutionary new vapor cell that yields much more wattage output than any other unit currently on the market. The cell utilizes a heavy duty zinc alloy instead of traditional materials, producing incredibly intense vapor and flavorful vapor. This is due in part to the AEGIS Vaporizer utilizing a high wattage output, but the high wattage output is achieved without the heat sink that most other vaporizer models utilize.

The AEGIS vaporizer utilizes a standard eGo style shell that is equipped with a stainless steel neck ring. The outer shell is made of high grade stainless steel and the exterior is finished with a clear acrylic. The inner box is made of thick black rubber and is textured similar to a real eGo. This allows the unit to be taken anywhere and be utilized in virtually any climate condition.

The AEGIS vaporizer utilizes a revolutionary new vapor pod system that not only increases the wattage output, but also allows users to use their AEGIS wherever they desire. Users can simply insert their digital rechargeable battery into the bottom compartment of the AEGIS and use it to power the vaporizer. The bottom compartment also features a stainless steel screw cap that allows the vaporizer to be taken anywhere. The AEGIS also utilizes a front USB port for charging and data transfers. The AEGIS pod system allows the user to have an extremely compact electronic device that is extremely efficient and energy conserving.

The biggest technological innovation associated with the AEGIS vaporizer is the fact that it utilizes a pod’s system instead of using a traditional coil system. The AEGIS is designed to utilize and exchange of air between two disposable pods that are inserted into the base of the unit. The outermost pod contains a blend of propylene glycol and butane, which are used as a medium to channel electronic energy from the batteries to the heating element located at the bottom of the unit. These are both replaceable, which allows the consumer to change out their pods as needed. The innermost pod contains a concentration of vegetable oil that is heated by the butane contained within the outermost pod. The combination of these two technologies creates an extremely efficient and energy saving device that offers a noticeable increase in overall efficiency over a typical style of unit.

In addition to offering a compact design, the AEGIS vaporizer from Geekvape is also lightweight. This is due in large part to the material it is constructed from. The outer shell of the AEGIS unit is made from a lightweight flexible tube just like some of their other vaporizers. This tube allows for easy packing and moving around and makes it easier to assemble the entire unit into a compact case when assembling the AEGIS. This allows the individual to enjoy the vaporizer without having to worry about it being large or heavy to carry.

While the AEGIS vaporizer may not be the biggest vaporizer available on the market currently, it does stand out among the vaporizers on the market in that it is one of the first to utilize an air tight seal. The use of such a technology provides the user with an extremely clean, dry and fresh smoking experience that is superior to any other type of vaporizer. The AEGIS is clearly the product of choice amongst AEG enthusiasts, and it is likely to remain so because of its features and benefits. For anyone who wants the highest quality vaporizing experience available on the market, without breaking the bank, the AEGIS is definitely the unit to go with.

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